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Nude pictures stolen (hacked) from Apple's iCloud. Are people really that naive?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22419points) September 2nd, 2014

By now, newspapers and TV are full of stories about how the iCloud was hacked in some way, and hundreds of ‘celebrity’ nude pictures have been released.

I’m not going to advocate that people stop taking nude pictures – it wouldn’t be effective and it’s a pretty natural thing these days.

But why would people save them to the cloud? Putting personal stuff in the cloud – pictures, documents, etc. – is incredibly unsafe. Why would anyone put some personally embarrassing things on any cloud device?

Sure, a corporation pays big bucks to get top notch cloud service, and theirs are pretty secure. But they pay for it. Even they get hacked.

But for a person to entrust iCloud with their personal stuff? I have very little sympathy for so-called victims here—they were being stupid. If you’re going take nude selfies, why wouldn’t you store them on a personal device that YOU control?

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