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Can you tell me what is it?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) September 2nd, 2014

I met a guy quite recently who basically was a senior to me when he was in the same college that I am currently in, now he has moved out for higher education, I just sent a FB request and he accepted that, the two of us never spoke when we were there in the same college. Once a random talk got initiated where I had to ask for his help in some technical thing and gradually the talking began, the talking became more and more intense day by day, then some casual flirting was there, he also started discussing a lot about his personal life, his ex and how she ditched him and how sad he felt after such a terrible ending to a four-year relation, he also talked a lot about his family and his other feelings about life and other matters. Now, ever since I logged off FB, he started sending me a mail saying he started missing me and wants to discuss his life and all other small things with me and wanted me to keep in touch. He also mentioned that his behavior might sound odd to me and that he sees me as one of his best friends with who he can share anything anytime, and that he feels great once he talks with me. He explicitly mentioned this several times that he wishes to speak more often and that he misses me when I am not there. He says he wants me to be happy and all. He ends the mail with the word “Loads of Love”. Does it say something? I mean, he sees me as his friend or is he only being shy or maybe, he feels lonely after this heart-break so he needs some emotional support, what is it? Please let me know!

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You know the best source for an accurate answer is him, right?

From hearing your description, it sounds like he’s happy to have found someone who will listen to him talk about himself.

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Alright, thanks!

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Has he expressed any interest in your personal life, your interests, your ex, and your feelings (about anything)? No?

Do you feel great once you’ve talked to him? Do you enjoy playing the role of free therapist? Yes?

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He feels connected to you and able to communicate with you, you make him feel understood (which is rare!).

But it does not seem more than friendship since you are apart. “Loads of Love” is an endearing term to use when signing off a note or a letter with someone you feel close to, but it is not romantic.

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@gailcalled makes a good point. Start talking about yourself and see how he responds. If the guy is just wound up in his own world then this relationship is not going anywhere.

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“He ends the mail with the word “Loads of Love”. ”

Please tell me that it literally said “Loads of Love” and not LOL. Because I’ve met many people who are under the mistaken impression that LOL means “loads of love” or “lots of love”, when it in fact means “laughing out loud”.

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