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If you were extremely hungry, I mean like hunger pains, what food will you still refuse to eat if a plate of it was right in front of you.

Asked by pattyb (789points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone

and u dont mean because of some allergy, just a food that you dislike so much, that given the above scenario, you still would not eat it. For me, Hummus & Sushi.

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Foods I’ve tried and don’t care for:
Sea Urchin
Philipino Goat Stew
Gefilte Fish

Foods I refuse to try on principle:
Head Cheese
Beef Tongue
Shrimp Heads

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Raw onions make me retch. The chow hall food here in Al Qaim, Iraq gets pushed away frequently. Anything with chunky crunchy onions gets the push from me.

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@ bree: curious, have you ever had a homegrown garden-fresh tomato?

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No animals.

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what exactly Is head cheese, I dont like the sound of that.

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onions or garlic.

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Animal flesh.

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one time I masticated and swallowed a raw garlic clove…I felt a fire in my gut and I ended up retching until it was out of my system. so when I see a garlic clove I push it away

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I’m a really picky eater. I would probably drink my own piss and eat damn near anything if I had too. I went on a camping trip with my father that included eating worms and other stuff. I could do it again.

edit :: worms are easy to catch and they aren’t bad when they go down.

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Roast pumpkins. I don’t know what it is about them- must be the texture or something because I love pumpkin soup- but they just make me retch.

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beef penis…considered a delicacy in some cultures. it gets a push away

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Let me tell you, the sheer force of hunger is so powerful that raw onion, garlic and tomatoes would be far, far from the last thing you’d try before you die.

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@uno. I am sure we would all violate taboos to survive, however this string of answers were to the question of extreme hunger which (in American Society) would be self induced and not anything close to survival. Example: “I missed lunch and now I am ‘starving’!” People boil and eat babies to survive. For survival the people who frequent this site could only speculate because if we can afford a computer we can afford food. We weren’t born in ethiopia where there is true starvation.

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@uno — Being allergic to raw onion, it probably would be the last thing I ate before I died. It makes my throat close up. Interestingly, cooked onion does not have this effect…

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chilled monkey brains. in fact anything served at the banquet in temple of doom

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@lightlyseered: lol! strangely I would probably try a bite first. I would push the snakes away on general principle though.

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Creamed chipped beef on toast.

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@noraasnave, of course. And self induced hunger is either incredibly stupid or a symptom of some serious mental issues.

@MacBean, any type of onion? Red onion, leeks or spring onion too? In that case, try fennel bulbs or asafoetida as a replacement.

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French onion soup – it smells good but I won’t eat it. If I were starving, like really starving then I would probably eat it, but not if I was just hungry.

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Mmm, Placenta. Delicious with chilled monkey brain on the side.

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peanut butter…i’m sure i’m in the minority here, but I can’t stand to even smell the stuff.

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raw onions are terrible, but if I have a drink to chase it down then maybe. And those shrimp that are served on ice… ugh, disgusting. very hard to get down for me. although fried or grilled shrimp are amazing.

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human flesh!!

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