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If women were really from Venus, what kind of place would it be?

Asked by kritiper (20544points) September 2nd, 2014

As asked.

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Every living creature would be properly manicured, pedicured, and waxed. And, bodily functions are hereby outlawed.

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A raging insane asylum?

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Lots of tropical plants.

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All women would be hot. Very hot. 800°F hot.

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It would be a lot funnier and raunchier than most people think. And we’d all be walking around in sweat pants, yoga pants, no bra, whatever.

Also you wouldn’t have to go to school/ work during your period. It would be like, “there there dear, have some chocolate and get some rest. It will be ok.”

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Lots of giggles and close friendships.

Commune type atmosphere with people doing the jobs they love that also helps society as a whole. Kumbaya.

Less raping of the planet and more “green” methods.

Comfy clothing.

Never having to work or live in a freezing cold environment. I guess maybe the menopausal women might like that, but mostly the women I know are always freezing, because the men run hot.

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A bit of a witchy-bitchy place?

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Organised chaos

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One helluva synchronized menstrual cycle.

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Venus will self-absorb it`s surface before imploding.

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