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In Western medicine, it is first examined, maybe sent for pathology and then it is simply disposed. Other times, the umbilical cord blood cells are harvested and stored (stupid and expensive) or used for experimental purposes. Some people bury the placenta as part of a religious ceremony.

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is the placenta the greenish slime?

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@martinez. No, the placenta is a large fetal “organ” where the umbilical cord attaches. It functions to deliver nutrients to the fetus and eliminate fetal waste. It is usually delivered, like the baby, minutes after birth when it detaches from the uterine wall.

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shilolo, thanks for responding. I’m actually trying to find out exactly how the placenta (and other biological “waste”) is disposed of.

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Um. In a red biologic waste container, then thrown out like the rest of the medical waste, unless the family expresses a desire to keep it (as discussed above). Often, that means it is hauled away and destroyed by incineration.

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I know someone who ate their placenta after giving birth.

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As far as I could tell both times it was just bundled up with the rest of the padding and papers, stuffed into a bag and disposed of in the red medi waste container.

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According to the bloke who takes clinical waste away at hospital I used to work at, it is microwaved and then buried.

Dont know if that is true but if you don’t want to make CO2 it makes sense I suppose.

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Buried is the tradition in many cultures. Probably the best. I too know someone who ate their’s but I wouldn’t recommend taking that route.

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The placentas from both my children’s births were buried with the root balls of new plants. One a rose bush, and the other a cherry tree.

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My ex-wife’s did look an awful lot like a big, juicy steak.

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Most animals actually eat the placenta as a very necessary source of iron after birthing.

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good question…the question is always, “are you done with the placenta” and when we say yes it vanishes. If we say no, then we examine it and send it to path where it reappears as a nicely written note on the computer.

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