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Have you ever contributed an article to, or edited an article on, Wikipedia?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) September 2nd, 2014

I have and it’s very satisfying.

I mainly edited existing articles, and it’s rewarding even of all you do is clean up the grammar, spelling and sentence structure of an existing article. It’s been quite some time since I logged on to Wiki, but I liked the challenge of polishing someone else’s information while staying true to their content.

If you’ve written your own articles, I admire you.

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I have done exactly the same thing as you too. Sometimes I see some errors in an article and I find it a bit annoying since it’s supposed to be an encyclopedia.

I’m planning to go a bit further, adding more details to some existing articles I saw earlier too.

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Yes, I’ve updated articles and added references to a few.

When I moved into my current apartment, I had a shock when I was refused access due to prior vandalism – finally, I realized it was because someone with my current IP address had been messing with articles. It was a good reminder to take the time to log in using my account!

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Yes. I changed something about the bubonic plague to “physician”. Later, someone else changed it to ”physical doctor” and it was in bold.

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I’ve never created a Wikipedia page, but I edit them often. Mostly minor edits for grammar or clarity. Redundancy is common, where two people have offered the same info in different sections. I like to eliminate that. I’ve uploaded a few photos, too.

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A semester long project for an English class I was in was to read a book and then write a wiki article for it, we also added a lot to authors page. The book was The House of Discarded Dreams by Ekaterina Sedia . To be honest, I think the book’s wiki came out like shit, it was a full class project and about two thirds of the the class could care less about the thing. That kinda kills the morale for the remaining one third and in the end we all just kinda said fuck it.

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Yes, I created then edited the Wikitionary entry “visucentric.”

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^^I searched it and it no longer exists. Bummer.

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I’m pleased so many jellies are helping Wiki too. I need to get back in the swing of Wiki things. Most of the people I know are shock that it’s possible for the average user to log in and edit.

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I corrected a couple biographical pages for factual errors. These were bios of people I have known personally.

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I corrected some errors in fact in this. I don’t remember what they were, now.

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couple of biographical pages..

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Of understood!

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Sometimes it’s OK to write the way we talk, especially in casual conversation such as this.

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You can certainly write the way you talk, but then it’s called “dialog.” Usually, if you write about writing standards, it helps to use conventional writing standards.

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