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What do you like putting in your fried eggs?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) September 3rd, 2014

I love frying small cut potato cubes then adding scrambled eggs. Next is onions and once in a while, sliced tomatoes. What’s yours-?

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Cheese and tobasco for me thanks. Over Easy with fried potatoes.

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‘Shrooms, hands down.

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Jalapanos, ham, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato chunks

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I prefer my fried eggs plain, over easy, with bacon and rye toast on the side, or poached atop toast or English muffin, sometimes with a slice of lox and a dollop of sour cream on top.

Right now I’m eating just whites, as my cholesterol is up a bit.

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An omelet with sliced baby bella mushrooms and a slice of American cheese.

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You know how great the taste of caramelized onions is, right?

And you know how much effort and time it takes to caramelize them properly without burning them right?

Well, I love that flavor cuz it goes so great with eggs. But I’ve found something that’s just as good. It’s TOASTED onion granules and I never make eggs without it.

(I discovered it years ago at Penzeys and so far it’s the only place I’ve been able to find it.)

I used to run out of it often and then had to wait till I could get there again. So last time I just bought several pounds of it. As long as the plastic bag remains sealed, it lasts forever.

And it always makes the eggs taste GREAT.

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Fried, sunny side up? Tabasco/chipotle sauce. Once in a while on fried potatoes covered lightly in ketchup.

Scrambled? Onion, smoked cheese and tomato. Mushrooms, black olives, green olives, pickled banana pepper rings…just about anything savory. The only thing that changes for omelet is adding sour cream or maybe a touch of Ranch dressing. Oh, and again, Tabasco/chipotle sauce.

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cheese, mushrooms, and pepper

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Yummy dear jellies YUMMY…. :)

@Buttonstc The hunt for onion granules is…..ON-!

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FRied in butter & garlic, sea salt & peppercorn. Omelette is salami, shrooms, shredded colby jack, green onions, bliss.

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Pretty much any vegetable in the house. It’s astounding how much food I end up eating when I eat eggs because of the mass of other things in them. One thing is however a must, cheese. If there is no cheese, I’m not eating eggs.

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Cheese, grilled mushrooms, avocado (1, 2 or all 3) and on top always, Cholula.

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No need to do much hunting. They do mail order and there’s a list of their physical locations
as well.

Their printed catalog is also really neat as it contains recipes, anecdotes addition to full descriptions of each spice and where they get it from.

They clearly love what they do :)

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All of the above sound yummy to me. Here’s another ingredient I like on eggs: sriracha sauce!!

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OH & andouille sausage is really good in them, too. A little spicy.

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Cheese, Italian sausage, sweet peppers. Top with sweet chilli sauce and sourcream.

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Fresh bell pepper from our garden.

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@Buttonstc Oh wow, there’s one nearby. Sweeeeet…..

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Sweet peppers and onions or hot peppers and cheese. Broccoli and spinach.

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Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. I have posh taste. (This is actually my family’s traditional breakfast on Christmas Day). On ordinary days I tend to add just a little hot sauce or flaked chllies.

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Just so they are not runny. I’m tired of eating sloppy slimy eggs.

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Meat, and cheese. Bacon/ham/sausage, withat least one kind of cheese, and of course, never waste bacon grease. Making gravy to dump over the whole thing makes it all special. My cholesterol is fine, thankyou.

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@downtide Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Very interested. What are the steps-? :)

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I’ve added leftover flaked salmon to eggs in the pan to be scrambled. Mostly I try to reserve it to flake in lettuce or pasta salad, Delicious!

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I liked fried eggs served as Huevos Rancheros

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er… cook the eggs, open a pack of smoked salmon, cut into thin strips, stir into eggs.

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