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What's wrong with fluther?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) September 3rd, 2014

It’s incredibly slow and I keep getting the internal server error message. I can’t answer anybody.

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Contact the mods.

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This is just ridiculous.

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yes, keeps on happening to me today too.

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Come on peeps all I get is that fucking server message.

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End of times?

Let us know, Auntie Gail?

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Really slow.

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I get that internal error message too, randomly.

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Me three. Very annoying. Very slow, too.

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For a temporary fix, try using the mobile version. Apparently it is less prone to these types of problems (according to Hearkat a few days ago.)

I’m on iPhone and it’s working normally for me.

You may find it takes a bit of getting used to in the smaller format but at least it’s better than almost no service at all.

Give it a try and see what happens.

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^ Ah. That explains my utter lack of problems!

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I don’t know why, but I’m not having any trouble accessing Fluther, in general. Seems normal to me.
Now, what I said above applies to what I see of the Fluther site itself. However, I’ve noticed that when I have Gmail open in one IE tab, then launch Fluther in another tab, Fluther seems to make Gmail hang or run extremely slowly. Fluther seems to kill Gmail. It’s as though Fluther runs a script in the background that somehow interferes with Gmail under IE. Maybe they use different incompatible versions of some supporting program.
I’ve temporarily solved this problem by moving Fluther over to Chrome. Somehow Fluther under Chrome does not affect Gmail under IE. I hope this info helps, and I hope someone at Google, Microsoft, or Fluther fixes the compatibility problem.
BTW, Fluther also kills another app under IE, but right now I don’t remember what that app was, since I haven’t had Fluther in IE for quite some time now. If I re-discover which one it was, I’ll get back to you.

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I have had tremendous trouble, especially when using my Brighthouse connection, which is part of Time Warner. Any chance the other jellies having trouble are using Time Warner?

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Using Comcast.

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Sorry to add to the din, but it’s become very slow for me, too. Switching from one category to another or just posting a comment takes more than normal time.

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Much better today.

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@ibstubro “End of times? Let us know, Auntie Gail?”

How much reassurance do you need, man? That horse is dead, flogged, drawn and quartered, burned to a crisp, and then flogged some more.

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i am not a special subject here, nor am I privy to any insider info or trading.

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Thanks, @gailcalled. You chimed in so early, I thought maybe you had info. I think by discussing the question, we were inviting the mods to chime in, and I don’t see where that’s happened.

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The “Contact the Mods” button is there for a reason. it is their “Take notice” button when they are too busy to be hanging around here. Tending a five-day old baby, for example.

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[Mods says] I am in the process of investigating the source of these problems.

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We lurve you @PhiNotPi !

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