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What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

Asked by panspermia (308points) July 9th, 2008

Everybody has a secret what they either have done or will be..

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@joeysefika: To be fair, that question only got 3 or 4 answers, and was asked 4 months ago, so I don’t see any harm in panspermia asking it again. If the mods disagree, they will email him to let him know it’s a duplicate.

To answer the question, I’m afraid I can’t, really. I have my reasons… =P

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Fair enough, but he may as well look at what some other people have done…

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Of course. Are you going to contribute to his/her question, or should we both shutup and stop hijacking this thread..? =P

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Haha I think you should both shutup and stop hijacking this thread since you refuse to answer the question :P why is that, I wonder?

The craziest thing I’ve ever done is gotten drunk at a party full of people I didn’t know, got with a random and then wandered around the streets for a bit before somebody dragged me home. Not very exciting, I know, but I’ve still got lots of life left for crazy stunts.

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i didnt know that question also asked by is ok if you dont be so rude

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Sorry if i was being rude, i didn’t mean anything by it, sorry again!

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It involves a porn shop, a port-a-potty, a bomb that didn’t go off, a cowboy, Joey digging through mud for his shoe, me almost losing a testicle because I was running full speed through a field in the dark and hitting a pole, me hitting Joey with a PVC pipe to prove it could hurt, Bryan hitting me with a 2×4 because he is a dick, running out or gas while being chased be rednecks, rednecks pointing a shotgun at us, shooting rednecks with a super-soker full of urine, and buying the parts at Fred Meyer for a small explosive.

That is the boring version.

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The best part was that after we put the bomb in the porty-a-potty we hid behind a fence. We had agreed to warn anyone going in. A cowboy hat bobbed over the fence and all of us remained silent. A bit jaded, we were.

It wasn’t a real bomb, we would have been lucky if it sprayed his ass with shit. We didn’t want to hurt people. Just fuck with them.

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Too many to mention, but the first thing that comes to kind is once I dropped a ten-pound watermelon off the roof of a forty-story hotel into the parking lot. It made a bitchin explosion and when we went down the whole lobby smelled like watermelon and every car in the lot was covered in juice and seeds.

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I shaved my head. Danced atop a bar once. Cried when my ex-boyfriend told me he was getting married – even though I too was already married. Although reading JohnPowell above makes me want to go buy a port-a-potty and fill it with soil and grow a plant in it. Dunno which plant yet. I’m still looking for squeaky shoes for people older than five. Oh and I love catching frogs – hold them in my palm for a while before letting them go. Caught a really slippery bugger once [ was a tree frog ] and it jumped right into my open mouth when I was trying to peer into its eyes and calling it cute names. fortunately my swollen tonsils prevented further descent.

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I got married, in the woods around UCSC, 3 months after meeting my spouse. I’m happy to report, 7 years later, and we are still wildly in love.

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lol I went crazy(if that counts)

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