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What's your take on moochers?

Asked by Araphel (1635points) September 3rd, 2014

People who stick around that serve no purpose at all.

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I used to encounter people like that. And they always sent me running away as fast as possible.

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I don’t believe there is anyone alive that “serves no purpose at all”

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People can’t just stick around without someone letting them stick around.

I think most moochers aren’t very happy people. They know they are perceved that way and they might have all sorts of excuses, but being viewed that way usually wears on the soul.

@anniereborn You took the words right out of my mouth.

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At least moochers want to be where they are. It’s the people who drop in every now and then but constantly complain that bother me. What would they be called?

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@jonsblond The only word I can think of is annoying.

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Moochers are people who have an emotionally driven desire is to be cared for. However no matter how much they are given by friends and society, their infantile needs cannot be satisfied and they likely will disparage the generosity extended to them. Without psychological counseling they are unlikely to resolve their infantile issues and become more self-sufficient.

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Take? That they are ubiquitous and unavoidable. As with those who merely “stand and wait”, moochers also serve a purpose. They’re here to provide us with a politically correct subgroup on which to heap scorn and derision. @Bill1939‘s exquisite description of the circumstances enabling their “profession” is particularly astute. I might add, that you will never encounter a journeyman moocher ready to acknowledge a single word of it.

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Most of the time as they grow out of adolescence they become productive and actually pleasant to be around.

You are talking about children, right?

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@ zenvelo no, an adult.

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So it’s a relative of some sort?

You can only be taken advantage to the extent you agree to be taken advantage of. Ste boundaries, definite dates, specific actions, and then cut them off, throw them out, tell them to leave your life if they don’t end mooching on you.

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MOochers are fun to confront, they usually act innocent & try to avoid consequences. I’m a giver so yeah it sucks.

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I think Moochers feel inadequate and are trying to compensate by sucking off on other people. But they drive me up a wall.

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Officially “moochers” mean “free-loaders.” There is money involved.

Are you talking about “sycophants”?

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