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What would be the perfect gift for my 3-year-old niece?

Asked by SophieMichael (7points) September 4th, 2014

What would be the better gift between these two for my niece on her birthday who will turn 3 years by the end of Sept?

http://www.sandbiz.com/sandtoss-the-beach-game/ or http://shop.gifts.com/products/custom-panda-pillow?ref=437a03367248fcf0a4e1281a87e5ec60

Thanks in advance :)

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I’d go with the stuffed animal. We got them for my nephews, three and two, they love them. They even had a birthday party for the bears. And welcome to fluther.

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Welcome to Fluther! My vote is for the sand-toss game. It promotes activity and building skills. It is gender-neutral. Plus, $46.00 for a panda pillow for a 3-year old? I wouldn’t do it.

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I’d opt for the game, but then I’m a guy. You know your niece best.

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Artsy stuff and nature stuff. Never too young to get the creative and curious ball rolling.
Watercolors, crayons, sidewalk chalk, modeling clay, Play -Doh factory, rubber bugs, dinosaurs, zoo animals, books on animals and nature. Art and science is where it’s at.

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The game has limited use and will lose bean bags before it gets a second chance to be played.

The panda pillow is something she’ll get to cuddle with every night. My daughter and her friends love Pillow Pets which are actually much more reasonably priced.

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She seems too young to really grasp the game. I’d worry that she’ll toss the bean bags once, and then lose interest.

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I vote in favor of the game. I know too many peope with overcrowding of animals. The game looks fun, and simple. Bean bags are the simplest thing in the world to make.

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