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Is a decent quality toilet seat from Walmart going to be equivalent in quality to a decent toilet seat from Home Depot?

Asked by jca (35976points) September 4th, 2014

I need a new toilet seat. The one I have now has an insert for a child-size butt and since we’re now past that stage, I am ready for a new one.

Is a decent quality toilet seat from Walmart (let’s say around $20) going to be the same quality as one from Home Depot? I ask because Walmart is usually cheaper but obviously if the quality is not the same, the price does not matter.

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I think so. They’re both buy in huge, huge quantities and that’s part of where they get their discount.

There are other things though…when I worked in customer service at Rubbermaid, they made a line of coolers specifically for Walmart…..they didn’t put any insulation in the lid. All the other cooler lines had insulation in the lid.

We also created products for Home Depot, but no one told me that they cheapened them for Home Depot.

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They’re probably all made in the same factory in China.

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My ass isn’t that well educated. If I can sit on it without falling off it’s good. :)

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They are very likely to be from the same source (Bemis, Crane, American Standard) and most are probably made in China anyway. Just make sure they aren’t one of those flimsy plastic ones.

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^ @rojo made the point I was going to. Just avoid the flimsy plastic ones. I can’t speak for those stores, but I’d be looking for a sturdy, easy to clean, comfortable seat.

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If they are around the same price, probably they are about the same. If they have the same model number they should be exactly the same. When you look at the seat I think you will easily be able to tell if you like the quality or not. Toilet seats aren’t very expensive and they usually last a long time, so I suggest spending the extra $5—$15 and get one you like.

Things being made in the same factory doesn’t matter, what matters is if they are the same style number. I worked for Gruppo GFT, the make a lot of clothing in factories in Mexico. Valentino, Calvin Klein, and so on. What matters is the specs they are given, and they produce to the specs. Crap and very high end can be made side by side in the sake factory. Even the same brand can have different levels of quality at the same factory.

The last Black and Decker toaster oven I bought, I bought at Walmart, and the quality is lower than all my previous ones. I don’t know if it was because it was from Walmart, or because the company has lowered their quality standards in general. I’m still happy with it overall, but I can tell the difference.

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The two main differences I see are what it’s made of (plastic or wood, and the quality of the plastic) and the hinges ( cheap hinges, better hinges, metal hinges).

The one with the baby’s butt insert has metal hinges and it was about $60. To me, that’s an expensive toilet seat.

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That is expensive. I bought my aunt a really nice quality one at a specialty store in NYC and I think it was $29. Hers was a round not oblong one, so those probably are a little cheaper.

In my house in TN I changed all the toilette seats right after we moved in. I either bought them at Lowe’s or Home Depot I don’t remember. I think they were $25 each, and I think they were plastic. I don’t even remember for sure.

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They will be equal in quality.

Don’t get plastic, Get either wood or (if you want to splurge) stainless steel.

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I would probably avoid the Walmart version, personally.

I have found that they order in large enough quantity that they can have a seemingly identical product as a competitor that actually has corners (like hinges) cut to lower the price. Walmart is trying to peddle you cheap, random crap, Home Depot is competing for your home improvement needs. i.e. you buy a toilet seat at Walmart and it’s a piece of crap, that doesn’t stop you from buying a toothbrush as Walmart. You buy a toilet seat at Home Depot and it’s a piece of crap, when you need a new kitchen faucet, you go to Lowes.

My personal experience.

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….Stainless steel would be COLD to sit on!

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@jca My husband recently bought the toilet seat with the built-in training seat. I find it horribly uncomfortable.

I would go to a home improvement store. I would hope that they would carry items based somewhat on customer feedback and interest. Wal-Mart would certainly carry items (only?) based on cost and profit. But then again… I would pay a few more bucks to avoid Wal-Mart.

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@Dutchess_III – true, but

a) it warms up easily
b) it never wears out
c) incredibly easy to sanitize and clean

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My favorite toilet seat ever was at an obscure steak house in Ponca City. It was a soft seat. The top of it was clear plastic and they had studded it inside with barb wire and nails and stuff! You couldn’t feel them, but it just looked cool.

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And to go with your stainless steel toilet seat

Heh, heh, heh! I just said “toilet” and “go” in the same sentence! Heh, heh, heh!

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Something like this is what I would recommend. I have a comparable seat (the video here is from the UK, so mine has a different quick-release fastening method), and it’s great. You can “snap” the seat down, and it still closes softly, but a bit quicker than shown in the video. (Mine is also somewhat heavier plastic and differently shaped – contoured – but it’s essentially the same.)

The quick-release is wonderful for cleaning: I take off the entire seat and lid and clean them in the shower, then hang them over the tub to drip-dry while I clean the toilet and rim. Having the entire seat-and-lid assembly off the bowl allows for complete cleaning of the rim, which is normally covered by the ends of the seat and the lid if they stay in place.

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@Cupcake: Mine, the training seat goes up into the underside of the lid, so it is totally up and out of the way when you’re on the regular size seat.

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@jca Same here… but I can feel it when I lean back and I don’t find the “regular” seat to be very comfortable.

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@Cupcake: No leaning here. I go and leave LOL.

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