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What are some fun beach games for kids?

Asked by DSophie (4points) September 5th, 2014

I am having a birthday party for my son who will turn 4 on Sept 28th and we are going to have family and a few friends come out to help us celebrate. My question is what are some kids beach party games? We already have kid horseshoes, Frisbee, Gecko Kites, a craft table, No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket, floaties and a beach ball but need more game ideas. Also, should I include this game or not? http://www.sandbiz.com/sandhole-the-beach-game/ I found this toy while searching for fun beach games ideas on google but need advice before buying.

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That looks a little advanced for one turning 4. I’d go more towards some pails, shovels and things like that. And bring some music so they can dance. Just a thought. I have a nephew turning 4 in a bit and he’s smart, but not that into organized games yet.

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Bocce ball? With the circle like 3 feet away lol… You can get those long water squirters from Dollar Tree and they are tons of fun themselves, but they are also quite useful for blowing up water balloons, which are always a hit for all ages!!! Good luck!

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@Myuzikalsoul GA. Those are some things a four year old would love. Nice!

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How long is the party going to last?

It sounds like you have enough things already. If you want to get that game, I would have the kids just stand at the edge of the target and try for the hole. No scoring.

Facepainting can be a fun activity for kids. Or looking for shells if you are on a beach with shells. If the kids are going to go in the water, make sure there are plenty of adults.

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Isn’t this the second time in 2 days that this game has been featured in a question here? I’m curious about the coincidence.

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