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Making and then selling CDs?

Asked by onthestairs (7points) July 9th, 2008

My dad has recently finished recording his album and has come across a few choices he has to make and was wondering which path to choose.

Firstly, he needs to get many CD’s made (probably around 300) and has come across replication and duplication and is wondering whether the difference in quality between them is that great? Also – are there any places in the UK people would recommend for this service?

Secondly, he was considering getting a barcode… Is this really necessary if he won’t be trying to sell it in shops. They will mainly be sold at shows and he is hopefully looking for some radio play.


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I’m not sure what you mean by “replication and duplication”. Could you please explain more about it or provide a website?

Where was the album recorded? Was it home-done or at a recording studio – if it is, then they might be able to suggest where to get the CDs made.

As for the barcode – I doubt it is necessary to get one, especially if he is the one selling (or overseeing the selling of) all the CDs. If a company or something is selling the CDs on behalf of him, then perhaps they may require a barcode – but if the CDs are only being sold at shows then I don’t think they would require one.

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Hi… thanks for your response. is a small description on the diferences.between replication and duplication. My main query would be is it worth going for replication rather than duplication.

It was home recorded so there is noone to go directly for advice to.

I think you are right about the barcode… It isn’t really necessary

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Ah okay, so basically duplication is burning a CD with CD burning equipment that most computers have, while replication is manufacturating a CD.

Duplication, if you did it yourself, would take a while to produce 300 CDs, but if you only did a small amounts at a time might be alright. I think replication (unless it is too expensive) would be the more better option though in my opinion, as this is probably close to how the CDs you get at a music shop are made.

(Also, is there perhaps a minimum amount of CDs you have to request when doing it by replication?)

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