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Cherries in brandy in an air tight bag, refrigerated. Do you think they're good for baking, after about 6 months, or should I discard them?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 10th, 2014

This summer, I saw a recipe in a magazine (I think it was Food and Wine magazine) for brandied cherry oatmeal cookies. You could use purchased brandied cherries, but since I had real cherries and brandy, I decided to cut the pits out of the cherries and soak them in the brandy. I put the cherry pieces in a plastic bag with brandy, sealed it up and put it in my refrigerator. That was around May or June, 4 months ago.

I never made the recipe. I am considering keeping the mixture and making Jamaican Black Cake, which is a NY Times recipe. That uses liquor and fruit which is pureed. Jamaicans, I hear, pour more liquor onto the cake. I have had this cake from a Jamaican I used to work with and it was very good. It’s black and rich and definitely something holiday-ish.

Do you think the cherry pieces in the brandy will be preserved, or will it be something that should not be eaten?

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