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Does the account holder have to be present?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) July 9th, 2008

The iPhone 3G is coming friday, do I have to have the account holder who’s name the contract is under, be present? I currently have the iPhone.

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I would think they would. A mobile phone contract is a credit agreement and no one should let you sign one for somebody else.

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The account is under my mom, but I will be going with my dad, they use the same credit card.

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Listed under what to bring:

> Credit card
> Social security number
> Valid, government-issued photo ID
> Your current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)

I think there are some other Flutherites who might be able to answer this definitively, but to me, when I see the mention of that last item, it’s talking to the actual account holder.

OTOH, I tend to be too literal in how I read things.

Worst case, I’d think your mom would just need to establish a new account on your behalf. I’m reasonably confident that you’ll still go home with an iPhone.

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My mother isn’t going to be present at that time, and I’m not a new AT&T customer, so I don’t know what the password or PIN would be, never were issued one.

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You absolutely have to have the current account holder present if you are going to put the phone on that account.

If the account holder isn’t there, they will either create a new account or not sell you the phone.

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That’s strange, because when I was on my Dad’s account, I would get a new phone, or change something on the plan, and all I needed was the last four of his social security number. Also, when I started my iphone service on my own account, all they asked for was my social security number, no credit card.

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Yeah, this is new for the iPhone 3G. No other phone is activated this way.

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I got it fixed, we called the company and confirmed it with them. They put my dad on the account of the contract to change all things possible, so we’re set. Thanks for the answers!

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