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What's something you have done that you're not proud of?

Asked by Araphel (1645points) September 10th, 2014

What was it that you have gained from doing so?

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Momentarily consider answering such a personal question among strangers. ;-)

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Honestly, nothing. haha
I have made mistakes but I have never lied to, harmed, deceived or otherwise caused another person any pain due to my behaviors. I take pride in my integrity and like the woman in the mirror.

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I’m not telling you!

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Laughs. I was a wild and impulsive young man. I could start but it would be a novel. I never tried to hurt anyone though. But it happened. :(

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@Araphel Shouldn’t you be the first to confess?

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Mine is not trying harder to save someones life before it was taken.

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@Araphel Ouch, I ‘m sorry. Been there and failed in my attempt too. Sometimes life sucks.

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I killed a rat today, actually two of them. Not particularly proud of that.

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This summer I was at the grand canyon with my boyfriend. I love it there – it was pure bliss and I couldn’t have been happier. We started off down a trail and ran into a woman who said there was a man sleeping on the trail ahead of us and he had stopped responding to her when she spoke to him. She was nonchalant and said basically “ya know, just in case, I’m gonna run to the top and try to get service and call for help” boyfriend was a corpsmen in the Navy and has a great deal of medical training, but because of the way she put it and the casualness of everyone else we passed, we took our time, breaking out our binoculars to look for birds and then trying to identify them in our bird book, giggling about things, etc, just having a generally good time. When we rounded the bend and saw this mans body face down in the dirt it hit us that this was not a joke or a casual matter, this dude was dying. We tried for 20 minutes to revive him before the rangers got there. He was already gone. His eyes were glossed over when we started though he had a faint heart beat at the beginning. Seeing them put the shiny silver blanket over his body killed me. His kids were there too. They watched him die. All we could think was that if we had run to him, maybe it wouldn’t have been too late. We must have been just minutes too late. Though I’m glad we at least tried, I wish the situation would have gone differently. I feel really bad to this day. The one upside though I’ll say is this: the last thing he saw was literally the most beautiful thing in the world, at least in my opinion. He got lucky in that regard, compared to most people.

But shit, that was a real downer to the grand canyon trip. Everything else I’ve done that I’m not proud of is way too personal to share here, lol.

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@deni That’s so sad!
Jeez…WTF…people see a man lying face down in the dirt and it doesn’t cross thier mind the poor dude might be having a heart attack or something?
I’m sorry for your trauma but you did your best given the casual attitude of the other hikers.

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@Coloma: The last time I laid face down in the dirt was. never.

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@Coloma I was completely blown away by the fact that this woman didn’t make it out to be a big deal. What was also bad is that when we got down near his body which was right around a bend, there was another girl standing there trying to get cell phone service to call the park rangers. So clearly she knew something was slightly wrong, but she was saying the most ridiculous things on the phone. Like apparently the person on the other line was asking her a lot of details like “what is his pulse?” “how’s he doing” and she kept communicating these issues to my boyfriend who kept saying HE BARELY HAS A PULSE, HE’S HARDLY BREATHING, ETC. and at no point did this girl say “THE MAN IS DYING COME IMMEDIATELY.” she just kept saying “yeah, he isn’t really moving, umm, i dont know, i cant tell whats wrong“etc.
Idk, I think people are afraid to realize that they could have come upon a dead or dying person and so maybe in their mind they make it up to be less than it is. THat’s the only thing I can imagine—also, I have no medical background and had my boyfriend not been there I have NO IDEA what I would have done if I’d come across this guy. That’s scary!

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Cheating, in exams, relationship, games…

I’m never proud of cheating in relationship, but I consider it “a necessary move”. That is when I pretend to be more dumb than I really am to fight back people who use me.

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@deni Pffft! People are morons sometimes!
@jca LOL…I lay face down in the mud once after tripping on a stormy night taking my horse some warm bran mash in her barn. My boot got sucked off in the muddy pasture and I fell on my face, the bowl of mash went flying and I just lay in the mud in the ran crying for about 3 minutes. haha
Nobody was to determne if I needed intervention. lol

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Well…...when I redacted I was not proud of it, but I learned that I redacted.

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Last time I laid face down in the mud was when I was playing mud volleyball. Never had so much fun!

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