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What are the reliable free email accounts that don’t require cellphone number?

Asked by flo (12904points) September 10th, 2014

Do Yahoo, Gmail Hotmail all just ask for it, but not require it by the way? There is no asterisk for required.

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I use aol. They’ve been bugging me for a cell phone number lately, so that must mean that when I registered, they didn’t ask. I’m not sure what it’s like to register now, though.

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I’ve been using Gmail since it first came out.

Lately, they do keep putting in these little nag reminders that it’s a lot easier for security reason if I would link it to my cell phone number.

So far, I’ve managed to resist the urge just fine with no problems.

I don’t think it’s required for new accounts either.

However, if you’re concerned about Google’s general nosiness, there’s a neat one called Fastmail which was started by some people who wanted to put in all the features they found lacking in other email services.

It’s highly customizable and does not require any intrusive personal info.

It got all kinds of praises heaped upon it by Tech mags and newspapers so you can check out their press clippings.

(plus there are a ton of other domains available.). The creators also participate in an email Forum board so it’s possible to communicate with them directly if one desires.

These guys are real email mavens and know what they’re doing. Check them out and see if you like them.

Btw. I stopped using my Yahoo mail a long time ago because I got so fed up trying to clear up the spam. Ridiculous.

That’s one thing I can say for Gmail. They have EXCELLENT automatic spam filtering. I can’t even remember the lady time I saw a spam message. (obviously I could look into the spam folder if I were a masochist, but il referring to my regular inbox.)

The spam folder auto deletes automatically after 30 days.

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You can skip over the requirement in gmail. They just kinda hide it.

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You don’t need to give google your phone number for a gmail account.

They use it for 2 factor authentication (ie to login you need your password and a code they send to your phone when you access gmail from a new device) so it makes it harder for people to gain control of your account. Hotmail do something similar. Its not a bad idea to take advantage of it.

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That option exists. I have not put in a number for Gmail or Yahoo.
My phone number is my business, not theirs.

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I use gmail too, no issues, you don’t have to link your phone if you don’t want to.

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I have numerous gmail accounts and only one has a phone number attached (because they don’t let you use the same number for more than one account). I think its optional with all of them (unless they suspect you’re spamming or something).

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Thanks everyone, it is not required. So other than Gmail, Yahoo Hotmail, AOL there is and how about others?

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I used GMX for a long time, they are pretty good (though you’ll want to download the mail into your regular mail program cos the web interface sucks).

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Okay I’ll try GMX. Was it known by another name before?

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@flo No, but until fairly recently it’s been unknown outside of Germany and a handful of other European countries. GMX is the primary ISP in Germany.

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Thanks all.

Shouldn’t they all ask for a secret question, or alternate email address, or both though? Otherwise how would we get in if we lose or forget password etc.?

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@Buttonstc Fastmail doesn’ask for alternate email or secret question.

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I haven’t really checked on that lately since I use it mainly as a throwaway spam email addy.

But what I do know is that it’s just about the only free email service where it’s possible to communicate directly with one of the developers. These guys are very hands on.

So, if you were to lose or forget a password, I’m assuming that if you contact one of them and answer Qs about emails which you’ve received (for example) they could restore it.

Anyway, if I were not so satisfied with gmail, I wpuid likely use a fastmail acct. for my primary one.

But everybody has different criteria and needs. If theirs don’t suit you then I imagine there are a ton of other free ones.

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@Buttonstc Isn’t it free for the 30 day trial only?

But not asking secret question or alternate mail, makes them look like not quite right. It is the most basic thing. “it’s possible to communicate directly with one of the developers.” I wouldn’t want to to bother because how sure thing is that? I want to do the 5 minute, sure thing, I give my alternate email I get in in no time flat.

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I have never been required to give a telephone number. I have several emails from years ago. I use mainly Gmail. It has never asked me for a phone number.

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