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Do you like binge listening to bands/singers that you've never heard before?

Asked by rockfan (13101points) September 11th, 2014

I recently listened to a bunch of new albums by bands that I’ve never heard of, but in music genres that I love. I loved most of the albums, and two of them have become some of my all-time favorites.

Do you like to do the same thing?

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Not usually.

Though when Synthetica by Metric came out I almost scared myself with how often I was listening to it each day, for days.

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@SecondHandStoke Love that album too. And funny coincidence, I was just listening to Metric a few minutes ago

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Once in a while I’ll hear a band or singer on the radio I’m not familiar with and really like, and thanks to SoundHound or Shazam I’ll grab the track for my iTunes library. That’s the way I discovered Coldplay and became a big fan (though my friends teased me about being so out of date).

But for the most part I’m happily stuck enjoying the same music and musicians I’ve listened to since I was a kid.

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Yeah, I do this all the time. This is how the internet changes the way we encounter new music!

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I used to do this a lot. My favorite was when BMG used to run buy-one-get-¾-free. I would buy one I knew I wanted, get one from a band I knew, then order freely by name/genre/description. I got some real gems, like The Flaming Lips, ”Clouds Taste Metallic” that I probably wouldn’t have been introduced to otherwise.

Locally we have an oldies station that might follow “Amazing Grace” with “Who Let the Dogs Out” so I now listen to either that or NPR in the car. Once in a while someone will run a bunch of CDs through the auction and I’ll pick a couple out to listen to, pre-sale, but rarely find anything that grabs me.

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Yes, actually. I get Prog Magazine imported from Britain. With it comes a CD with a bunch of bands. When I find one I like I usually pop over to Youtube and listen to a few more to see if I like the band’s stuff. (I discovered Anathema this way). Then, if I do, I’ll either buy the CD or download tunes.

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Usually not. I like new songs and bands in small doses.

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