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What are your thoughts of people who try to smoke the tires but don’t have a vehicle capable of pulling it off?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) September 11th, 2014

I am sure everyone has seen the attempt at least once in a lifetime; someone tries to bolt from a green light, stop sign, exit a parking lot, etc. with a great display of horsepower by smoking their tires (burning rubber, peeling out, etc.), but their vehicle just doesn’t have the oomph. When you see it what comes to mind?

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Idiot. That’s pretty much sums up my thoughts. I think that about anyone smoking their tyres though. $$$ going up in smoke.

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Don’t have a vehicle to pull it off? I have vehicles to pull it off and if my husband did it on the steeet I would think he was an idiot. When is it ever ok on a street? Never. I can’t see any reason to try to accelerate out of a stopped position like that, especially while other cars or people are around.

If I see any car attempting to do it, or actually doing it, I think they are an accident waiting to happen. Getting out on a green as soon as it change is fine (deoending on the intersection) but actually trying to peel out at a really high rate of speed? Like I said, idiot, attention seeker, probably careless on the road in general.

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I’d figure they forgot to turn off their electronic traction control system.

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My Z-28 could get rubber in the first three gears, but those Goodyear Eagles were about $200 a piece. Only a moron would burn those up.

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I’ve never seen that. I must not live in California.

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They deserve whatever damage they do to their transmission, suspension, and tires.

Everyone has the god given right to be stupid in his own way.

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Utterly laughable.

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Tiny penis, seedless balls.

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Regardless of the car, I think they are stupid showoffs with more ego than brains.

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What everybody above said I guess.

I only answered this to let @Hypocrisy_Central central know that this officially one of my favorite questions of all time.

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