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Based on my favorites, what are some lesser known bands/singers that I should check out?

Asked by rockfan (11972points) September 12th, 2014

Tori Amos
Kate Bush
St. Vincent
Andrew Bird
Joni Mitchell
Tom Waits
Elvis Costello
Randy Newman
Arcade Fire
Arctic Monkeys
The White Stripes
Dave Matthews Band

Also feel free to recommend music to other people. Thanks!

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Modest Mouse

Don’t write them off from a few songs you may have heard. Try “Lonesome Crowded West” and “The Moon and Antarctica”. Also, Isaac is a big Tom Waits fan, and it shows in many of their songs.

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Surely you just forgot Phish and Barenaked Ladies? The Reverend Horton Heat?

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@hominid I’ve been a casual fan of Modest Mouse for a few years, but I’ve never listened to much of their newer stuff. I just listened to “The Devils Workday” and it almost sounds like a direct rip-off of a song from Rain Dogs.

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Possibly Head East or UFO?

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We share a lot of the same interests. Here are some you might like.

Owen Pallett
Broken Social Scene
Elephant Stone
Sonic Youth
Land of Talk
Silversun Pickups
Regina Spektor
Le Tigre

If you don’t know her, get to know the incomparable Nina Simone.

Seriously, Dave Matthews Band? Gah. I’m hoping you meant Matthew Good Band and said that other thing by mistake.

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Check out and you may be able to answer that question for yourself.

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@rockfan: “I just listened to “The Devils Workday” and it almost sounds like a direct rip-off of a song from Rain Dogs.”

Absolutely. If you are ever interested, Isaac’s side project, Ugly Casanova (“Sharpen Your Teeth”) is amazing. There is some Raindogs-era influence here and there, without the ridiculous Waits affectation found in Devils Workday.

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I have a few “if you like… then you might like” match-ups:

Tori Amos > Imogen Heap
Kate Bush > Annie Lenox
Beck > Ryan Adams
Joni Mitchell > Janis Ian
Dave Matthews Band > Jamiroquai

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Amy Rigby

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@dappled_leaves I really love the album Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King. Why do you dislike DMB?

Thanks for the links! I’m loving Owen Pallet’s music so far.

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@rockfan I just find his music (actually, especially the songwriting) extremely boring. He tends to appeal to people who don’t really like music much. And I think for good reason. Nothing challenging there.

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@dappled_leaves Kind of surprised that you don’t think the song is at least interesting. And I completely disagree on your last point. Music doesn’t have to be challenging in order to be good, some songs are great because of the emotion and sincerity.

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@rockfan That’s fine. I’m just offering the opinion you asked for. We don’t have to agree. The only reason I initially expressed surprise is that we otherwise like a lot of the same bands.

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@rockfan I’m glad you’re enjoying Owen Pallett! He also records under the name Final Fantasy, in case you’re looking for more of his stuff. Also, he’s touring now, so keep an eye out. It’s kind of amazing what that one guy can do on stage by himself.

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@dappled leaves I’ve already listened to three albums of his now, I’m officially hooked on his music! He’s performing in my city in three weeks, so that’s really awesome.

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