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When was the last time you asked a question here that you really couldn't google the answer to?

Asked by zenzen (4075points) September 13th, 2014

And was it answered?

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Yesterday and yes.

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Today and yes, it was answered.

I don’t always google because sometimes I want to hear what the Jelly community, specifically has to say on the topic.

Also, by googling and going to all these other sites, I am exposed to a lot of ads and crap that I don’t get with Fluther.

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I did Google this before I asked it. Most of the searches I found related to people complaining about those complaining about the challenge, or the people who didn’t want to do the challenge just didn’t want to dump ice water over their head because they didn’t want to get cold. I had no problem dumping ice water over my head (we had just spent 5 days without hot water before this challenge became viral), but that wasn’t the issue that I had with this challenge.

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9/11/14. 7 answers. @jca‘s answere applies.

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It’s not the question, it’s the perspective.

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Today, and yes.

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