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Did she know that I stalked her?

Asked by abdofalafel27 (7points) September 13th, 2014 from iPhone

Hi this is going to be sound creepy but I have a crush on this girl. I stalked her on twitter and instagram like a few days ago but when I start to stalk her again today, both her twitter and instagram account were set to private. Did she know that I was looking at her accounts? I did not even login on twitter, I just searched her username and that’s it and in instagram too…? Did she know that i was looking at her accounts? or It was just a coincidence? Please help me!!

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Viewing public information is not stalking. It would only be stalking if you were making threats or harassing the person. No, chill, she probably changed her settings for other reasons, maybe someone else she wants to avoid/eliminate. Most likely a coincidence.

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It’s probably just a coincidence. Twitter, specifically, does not allow people to know who visited their profile. Facebook, on the other hand, while not reporting who visited the profile, will sometimes offer people who visit one’s page regularly as “People you may know”, so that can be a vague indication. I don’t know about Instagram.

But as @Coloma said… if her settings are set to “Public”, then that is an invitation for everyone to read the content she posts. Now that she has increased her security, it is clear that she does not want to share this content to outsiders. So back off.

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I don’t think that your “stalking” caused her to do this. Did you accidentally favorite something? I know that Facebook doesn’t reveal who has looked at your Facebook page (I guess it sort of does according to @dappled_leaves)...creepy!, and I feel Twitter and Insta.gram would be the same. If you could see who was looking on your page, there would be a lot less views per page.

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I don’t think there’s a way for people to see who visited their profile on those. Also I wouldn’t really consider that stalking. Stalking is like, if you dug up her personal info and followed her home from work, or something. It’s probably just a coincidence.

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Well since you find her so irresistible, it should be reasonable to assume that others are equally smitten. And in any crowd of love struck guys you can rest assured that someone’s going to step over the line of acceptable behavior.

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Hahahah. Sorry I had to get that out. And the answer to the OP. No. I highly doubt she’s got an IP Tracker app running where she has a hit list. Anyways, yeah you’re a creep. But so are millions of others. But I agree if her stuff is out in the open public domain, there’s no big deal

Dutchess_III's avatar need to stop that. Just talk to her.

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If you like her, you don’t want her to think you are creepy, so don’t behave creepy. Yes, ladies get clues, and even if she wasn’t sure who, she knows. Speak to the girl, or leave her alone. If you strike things up with her, you might mention you checked around, just because you wanted to know her a little better. At least then she could have an opportunity to reconcile herself with her suspicions.
If you decide to pursue personal contact, I wish you well with that.

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