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Did anyone else wish Divergent the movie had been done differently?

Asked by Lunar_Landscape (301points) September 13th, 2014

They cut out about 95% of everything in the book, and the characters all look and act unlike their book descriptions. I had to quit and start again 3 or 4 times before I could actually finish this movie, that’s how unhappy with it I was. I kept thinking “if it’s that hard for them to make a movie that actually resembles the book more than vaguely, I wish they just wouldn’t make a movie out of it”.

I just saw a review of it on YouTube that was actually positive, and I know it’s all subjective, so I’m not trying to claim that no one is allowed to like the movie, but after seeing that review I feel even worse, and so I now want to try my luck at finding a negative review.

So, which alterations did you have the most difficulty with?

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I Loved it but I haven’t read the book. Much like RL you were forced to conform or be hunted down as ‘abnormal’.

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