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If you could ask your Future self a question what would it be?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) September 13th, 2014

What would you ask yoir Future self?

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“Future self, have you made many good memories to cherish?”

Or some shit like that.

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Will I be able to breathe normally again?

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So, how’s the kids?

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What regrets do you have that you’d like me to handle differently?

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“Where did I put my car keys?”

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Future self, does it get better?

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Will I suvive school?

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Are we dead yet?

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Did we ever get that little cottage on the beach?

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How is your back today? Would you care to sit down?

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Do you have him in your life?

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That stuff I buried, to dig up later, did it end up being as valuable as I thought, or do I have to work well into my retirement years?

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