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Is everyone else having major problems with facebook?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) September 14th, 2014

It’s to the point where I literally can’t do anything without it crashing to to some “plug in” crashing. Others on there said they’re having the same problem. One said they thought it was due to solar flares, but if that were the case you’d think it would be affecting Fluther, and it isn’t. Fluther is fine for me.

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Not that I’ve noticed, but I do most if it on my tablet on the mobile site. Maybe that’s the difference?

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It works fine for me.

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FIne for me. Maybe disabling your pop up’s would help?

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I’m not having trouble but I woke up to find that my feed looks different. My white feed has a bright blue background around the edges. It used to be a very pale baby blue. It’s very strange.

Maybe Facebook is making changes, again? I know I’ve had issues when they were rolling out new changes in the past.

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It has always crashed on my ipad, especially when opening a photo posted to the newsfeed. Well, not always, but for years now.

On everything else it’s working fine, it hasn’t changed,

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It is works fine for me..what was the problem that bothered you?

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Constantly getting a “Plug in crashed” message.

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