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What is generally more fashionable at the moment?

Asked by cage (3123points) July 9th, 2008

V neck t shirts or round neck t shirts?
I have wide shoulders, quite a long neck in comparison to most people, and my body shape is fairly athletic.
Help is appreciated because I’m ordering custom clothes online, and its difficult to tell when you don’t have them in front of you.

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I don’t follow fashion, but I hate the feeling of something constricting around my neck. Probably because it’s a bit thick. :^) (not a refection on intellect, I hope.)
I’m going with personal preference, with an additional caveat for catalogue shoppers.
What’s Beckham wearing these days?

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V-Necks are in. Sounds like you have the right body type as well.

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V-neck is always more stylish. Especially if you’re going for custom made. Crew (round) neck t-shirts seem far more generic and often unfitted (with the pointy out sleeves).

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@ Spargett – Well that’s why I mentioned my body type, coz I remember reading somewhere that it makes a dramatic difference.
I mean, I once wore a v-neck and my ex goes “are you wearing a v-neck?” with this smile on her face, which I couldn’t tell was either a look of lustyness or laughing at me… lol
@wildflower, thats a good point.
@Knotmyday, I don’t give a flying fudge what Beckham is wearing… stupid footballer. lol

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The build thing is very true. If you have broad shoulders, the v-neck will give you better definition, whereas the crew neck could give a more ‘one-big-block’ appearance.
As for that girl’s remark. There’s something nice about the slightly exposed neck and collarbone (sp?) :)

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i wonder if i follow the trent, right now my hair is reaching my armpits in length, my beard is growing nicely (no mustache part), i’m wearing a shirt of a soldier holding a guitar (the amnesty make some noise campaign), and wide black pants….i AM fashion!

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@iwa, indeed!

But are you a fashion do or a fashion don’t?

Either way, don’t change, hombre. We dig ya like ya are.

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like i said to a friend “i woulldn’t shave my beard to get acces to a pair or breasts”
ofcourse, things are a lot more complicated, it boils down to that

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Go with the V-Neck. I have broad shoulders, and V-necks work great. That’s pretty much all I wear when I want a plain t-shirt.

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Personally, I prefer the “W” neck.

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Deep V necks are popular now.

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…for hipster scum.

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v neck might be good for you to elogate yourself and make your shoulders less broad. But it wouldnt hurt to try both!

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By the time any of these answers get to you, it will be the opposite.

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