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Is it wise to turn off the well each time you leave your second home?

Asked by debd (4points) September 14th, 2014

We have a second home and it is winterized. However, we were told to turn off the well, the water and the water heater each time before we leave. Is this a wise idea to turn the well off particularly in the winter?

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There’s no advantage to leaving it on, but leaving it on creates the potential for a flood if a water pipe breaks.

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ABSOLUTELY! I have a well and turn it off when I leave for more than a couple of days. I also have town water and shut the valve at the same time. Why risk it?

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Hell, I have an inline ball valve before my regulator. I shut it off whenever I leave for more than a day.

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How do you turn off a well? I can turn off the pump and the hot water heater.

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‘Turning off a well’ usually means turning off the power that goes to the well pump.

There are different type of well systems. I have an electrical disconnect next to the pressure tank in my pump house. Or, I could turn off the breaker in the house electrical panel.

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How cold does it get there?

Every year I help a buddy shut down his cabin. We drain the water tank, cut the power, and fill the drains and toilet with antifreeze.

This place is way north, the Michigan upper peninsula.

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