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Do you think you've ever been visited by Demons?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1498points) September 15th, 2014

Did you know it at the time?

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I had something appear to look into my office one day. I know it wasn’t a person. It vanished after it looked in. I have no idea what it was.

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Does my ex-wife count as a demon? She certainly had her moments.

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No, because there are no literal demons. I have definitely been visited by people I don’t like. ;)

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How do you define “demon” @UnholyThirst?

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No. Just people who act like demons, act like they are possessed by demons. They are the long-term multiple substance abusers and alcoholics. They have no self control, know no personal boundaries, are interminable self-absorbed whiners, they are weak, they often become thieves, are always liars, damage every person who has ever made an emotional investment in them, destroy whole families, ruin their children for the rest of us to fix, and on a good day, they are a bloody nuisance to mankind in general.

If they are not seriously involved in some form of recovery when they cross my path, I show no mercy or understanding, These people are in danger when in my presence. I truly hate them and, given the opportunity, I will hurt them. And I believe everyone should take this attitude toward them, right up to the moment they decide to seriously seek recovery. Otherwise, they are the dregs, they are the refuse, and should be treated as such.

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My ex wife was related to demons on her mother’s side.

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My wife had to wake me up one night because I was making loud disturbing noises. I fell asleep with the radio on and the show Coast to Coast AM was talking about ghosts, demons and other strange phenomenon. After getting my senses back I turned the radio off and went back to bed.

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Jehovas Witnessessesssssss, they had hideous faces & belched putrid bile, clad in beige & wore sensible shoes too.

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Maybe the bat was a demon or a demon’s servant. :)

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Of course not.

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Did the Chupacabra get your baby?
No, the only demons that exist are the ones in peoples disturbed minds, but…just in case maybe stock up on garlic wreaths and wooden stakes and holy water. lol

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the Chupacabra ate yo’ baayybe!!

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The demons of negative thoughts.The demons of drugs. The demons of unhealthy foods and drinks. The demons of disease. The demons of bad people.

Yes, I have been visited by demons on many occasions and not always knew of it at the time.

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YEs, truly evil people & other…things.

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Yes. An Incubus once came into my home. He is now chained to a wall in my basement.
Speaking of which, it is time to “feed” him again.

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The magazine’s re-subscription rep who won’t stop calling me comes pretty damned close.

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No. I know several people who swear by their demonic experiences, having seen wild behaviours, extreme strength, unnatural violence, altered voices, unknown languages, and even one human levitation. But I don’t personally believe in the supernatural. All these phenomena are in theory explainable by natural causes.

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Not that I am aware of.

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I was visited by one in a cemetery not so long ago. What a memorable evening it was. But then, you already knew that.

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I share the same with @WickedVamp . She and I share more than anyone will ever know.

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@Mastema Are you the same person? You both appear to bear an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Manson.

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@FireMadeFlesh are you asking if Mastema and Wickedvamp are the same person? In many ways, yes. I’d watch your tone though…

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If anyone is interested you can buy your own personal demon at this website.

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Oh, thank you, thank you @rojo! I’ve always wanted one of my very own!

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Wow. They’re proud of their demons, aren’t they. Maybe I’ll find one at a garage sale. Second hand demon.

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Play nice all.

Remember what Thumper’s momma said

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I don’t remember what she said. Was it “Get your ass back here!!!”?

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Um, no.

Here he is repeating it back to her.

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