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Would you see how easily you can get to this fb account?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42445points) September 15th, 2014

We’re selling the land and our 63 Volkswagen Bug. I’m making up paper flyers to post around town with one picture on them. Printing off a lot of pictures gets expensive, so I created a new, completely public fb account to display more pictures of what we’re selling. I want to include it on the flyer, something like, “For more pictures go to fb and search for Rick Val.”

So, would you go to fb and tell me how hard it is to find the account “Rick Val?”

Please and thank you

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I wrote question really crappy, didn’t I!

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Well, if anybody reads this, would you please see how hard it is to find Rick Val on fb. It’s completely public because I won’t be post anything on there except what’s for sale.
Hello? Is anybody OUT there?

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If i were creating a flyer, I would want it to convey completely the message I was trying to promote. I would not expect any reader to want to follow a link to something else.

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The first Rick Val that pulls up is from the Netherlands. I’m guessing that’s not you. Not motivated to dig around for the right profile. You lost me there.

But I’d agree with @janbb. You’d probably lose most people before that.

Maybe a URL that redirects to a listing on Redfin or something? It’s a reputable real estate site. I would be way more likely to visit that than a Facebook page.

Good luck!

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I tried doing the search you asked for. I got a zillion different suggestions for people with names starting with Rick or Richard. When I narrowed it down to a People search, I got nothing at all.

If someone is your friend on Facebook (or a friend of a friend), and tries the same search, they would probably be offered your name or Rick’s name near the top of the suggestions. But this is not a good search option for people you don’t know.

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I did a search for Rick Val and got nothing. Rick Valcin, Rick Valentine, etc, but no Val.

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A thousand Rickys. You’ll have to do this differently. If you’re set on using Facebook, would a more unusual name help? I have no idea, it just seems like it should.

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I got a guy named Rick Val who is a big wrestling fan. That’s it. I don’t think the Facebok page, as it stands now, is going to be a viable marketing tool.

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Thanks guys. I’ll go at it from another direction.

@janbb With fliers you want just the most basic, most important information. I, for one, won’t stand there to read an entire page of 10 point font listing all the trivial details. The flyer gives the basic info. I just want them to be able to go some place where they can get a better look if they want to.

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Just thought of something else….we had our house on the market a couple of years ago, with a realtor. Now, if I simply type in my address it brings up no less than 5 websites that includes details and pictures.

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