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Can somebody help me find a music tastes website?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) September 15th, 2014

My son showed me a graphic website very much like this but it was easier to use and find musicians similar to what I like. As I recall it was much simpler in graphics and had like lines that connected similar artists. Has anyone encountered this website? or was it an application he was showing me? I called him and asked and he doesn’t remember.

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There was a great site called TuneGlue which I think might be exactly the one you mean, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore, according to this discussion on Reddit. However, they mention another site with a similar design (connecting lines), called Music Roamer. It works the same way that TuneGlue did, except that you have to double click the artists to get them to expand.

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Super! This is pretty close and will help a lot! Thanks!

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You’re welcome. :)

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Gnoosic is great for music, movie, and book maps. Just type in whatever you’re interested in and it will arrange similar results to what you searched for.

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That one is pretty cool too! Thanks!

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