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Will a power steering unit, and all associated parts, from a '97 Nissan pickup fit a '91 Nissan pickup?

Asked by kritiper (20528points) September 15th, 2014

I want to convert my old p/u to p/s from manual steering.

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A Nissan Dealer ship should be able to tell you if it is at all possible.

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Just jive em a call , ya got nothing to lose but a little time.

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Check the web forums for your truck.

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We need to know the new Nissan pickup’s make.

Does the truck use a rack and Pinion or a Pitman arm?

Converting from manual steering to power steering is much more difficult than vice versa.

You will need a power steering pump, belt and a main pulley that can accommodate the belt.

You will also need a power steering rack if your truck uses rack and pinion steering and all associated plumbing.

This is all going to add up to a lot of parts, labor will not be cheap either.

A remanufactured rack and pump might be available. These can actually be better as they are often hand assembled and come with a longer warranty.

The rack should come with new tie rod ends. If it does not you might as well replace them while you’re in there.

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@SecondHandStoke The pickups both have pitman arm type boxes, not R&P. The ‘97 has all of the parts needed to switch over to the ‘91. The pickups are both the same style of cab/body/frame except the ‘97 is an extended cab. Same engine in both units.

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I didn’t realize you had a donor truck.

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Go to an auto parts store and give them both models of P/U and see if they both have the same parts, if they do it should be work, if they don’t modifications are going to be needed. I have friends who have put power steering units in Ford model A’s and other old cars, so just because the p/s unit isn’t a straight change, doesn’t mean it can’t be used.

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