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What are some must have additions, drivers, applications, and various misc. items for my new iMac?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) July 9th, 2008
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As for applications, I would recommend Quicksilver to everyone. VLC is a great video player that can handle anything Quicktime can’t. Adobe AIR is great too- that’s a framework to run tons of AIR applications.

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use the search

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I second the VLC option. Also, I couldn’t be without iWork! Keynote, Pages and Numbers are a must if you use your machine for work or school.

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A thing that became very useful to me is iStat menus. It is a usefull application that sits in your menubar and tells you anything you want to know about your mac. (cpu, disk usage, temp, memory, etc.)

I also definitely think quicksilver is a must.

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HandBrake is a very nice DVD ripper that many mac users adore. :)

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i would say definitely get the chax plugin for ichat, i really like the log viewer to look at old conversations in ichat.

handbrake for sure

i however, have to disagree on the quicksilver. i had it and i never found it very helpful. it could be that i was just not using it correctly but i really think if you have your computer set up the way you like it you can find an access the things you need much faster than quicksilver can. i never thought it was very good

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Sorry about that PupnTaco

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No worries, E – there are some other great ideas in those threads.

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