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Okay to substitute Korean BBQ (Beef) sauce for normal BBQ sauce?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) September 15th, 2014

Particularly for this recipe, but also just in general:

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Why not? Let your taste buds be your guide. Would cheese and bacon be part of a normal Korean one-pot dish?

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As long as you like the taste of it, why not?

I don’t particularly like the taste so I don’t use it but there are a wide variety of Asian sauces which I do like and I have no hesitation on subbing them in regardless of what the recipe states, particularly for a one pot meal.

I regard recipes as a general kind of guide but not inflexibly written in stone.

The only type of recipes that don’t respond well to creative substitutions in general are baking recipes. Baking is much more of a science and if recipes aren’t followed pretty strictly, it can throw off the entire balance and cakes, cookies can fall flat or burn or end up uncooked.

But aside from the cooking times and temps, most savory recipes can be tweaked to suit ones own tastebuds without any harm.

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You’ll wind up with dak bulgogi pasta if you do.

Which may or may not be awesome.

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I think it will be considerably sweeter, rather than savory, but I think it would be good. Some people may not like the sweetness.

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