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"Great, if you can force yourself to do it" - what's your example?

Asked by longgone (17105points) September 16th, 2014

I just took a cold shower. Most mornings, I can’t bring myself to…but when I do, it feels wonderful.

Any similar experiences?

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Wake up earlier in the morning. I know I would have more time for a lot of things just by waking up early, but I just can’t.

Do more exerises. I can benefit a lot from exercises, but I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to do it often.

Be a bit more organized. I know I often get in trouble with that quirk, but I still can’t change.

“Gee, if I could win myself…”

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Wake up earlier. I love watching sunrises. And the smell of early morning. But I’m more of a night owl, so it doesn’t happen often.
Right now I’m up at 5am with the little one watching some Sofia the First because I had to give him something for his fever and now he’s up. :(

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Swimming. I love it, but lately I have been very lazy about it.

Eat healthy consistently. Much simpler to just microwave a frozen meal. Ugh. For a while I was eating a lot of salads and it actually was easier, less clean up, but the raw veggies tear me up so badly I just can’t do it daily.

Spend an hour every day cleaning.

I don’t understand taking a cold shower, but if you love it I have a suggestion. Get into a warm shower and just end it in a cold note. It will be less shocking to your system. I don’t think the initial shock of cold water is good for you. I don’t have medical evidence to support that, I just feel that way.

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Hold my tongue.

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Falling in love.

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Exercise more!

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@janbb You can force yourself to do that? I’m just the opposite. I can’t control it. I tried and completely failed at not falling.

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@Adirondackwannabe Maybe looking for love would be more accurate. I’m in remission at the moment.

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@janbb I can see why that would happen. Completely understandable.

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Going for a run. It can be hard to get motivated to do it but feels great once the runners high kicks in.

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Waking up early. My health problems have made me very tired all the time, so it’s difficult for me to do these days. I’ve been going back to bed for a few hours once I get my daughter on the school bus, but I’m staying up today and I don’t feel too bad at the moment.

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My daily power walk. Some days it takes every bit of will power I can muster to get myself to the track, but after my usual 22–30 laps, I’m always glad I did it.

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Ask a question on Fluth…advice for the reluctant among us.

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I took a cold shower two days ago because our gas was turned off. It wasn’t wonderful, it was AWFUL. I cried the entire way through it.

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@anniereborn We recently had the same problem. We ran out of propane to heat our water and we didn’t have hot water for five days. It was such a pain. I forgot where you are from, but our Midwest water isn’t cool, it’s cold. Hope your problem is fixed now.

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@jonsblond I am in chicagoland. thankfully our gas will be reconnected on Thursday. it’s been out for a week. no heat (and it had become much colder in the past few days), no hot water and we have a gas stove. It has not been easy for sure. and yes, our water is COLD.

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Going to the gym. I have to force myself to go, but once I get there, I enjoy it.

Cold showers (and anything else cold) would be a special kind of hell made just for me.

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Not procrastinate. I’m pretty good but I could be better.

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Great answers all around. I completely agree on the getting up early!

For the record : My “cold showers” are very short ones, I usually shower hot first, but then like to cool off. A full cold shower I wouldn’t enjoy at all, much less a forced one!

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