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What can I add to my watermelon jam that will make it distinctive?

Asked by jonsblond (43941points) September 18th, 2014

This is the first year we have grown watermelon and I’m attempting to make my first watermelon jam. Every recipe I’m finding has the same ingredients. Watermelon, lemon juice, pectin and sugar. Is there another ingredient I can had that would make it distinct from the typical recipe?

I’m also a new fan of watermelon so I’m not quite sure what other ingredients might pair well with it.

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Mint or ginger seem like naturals.

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You could add many things though I was reading a womansday magazine the other day that talked about jams. I think a good choice would be cinnamon. a few mint leaves would be nice too.

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i’ve heard that a little black pepper adds a touch of something (and is decorative).

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How about trying some with a little heat. Red pepper flakes or sriracha sauce. John might like it, but I’m not sure about the kids.

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The seeds… Spittin’ the watermelon seeds is reason you eat watermelon.

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I think I have enough to make two jars. I’ll spit seeds while I decide which ingredients to choose.

Great suggestions everyone. Thank you.

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I’ve met a few people who add salt to their watermelon to help bring out the flavor.

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I recently saw a show where they made ice pops from Watermelon and Tomato.

I think it might also make an interesting ingredient combo for a jam since tomatoes are also plentiful at this time of year.

And tomato is also a frequent component of jams. I’m thinking that proportionally it would probably be best if the ants of tomato were relatively small in relation to the watermelon. More like an accent flavor.

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I think I saw a watermelon basil salad recipe once. Basil might make for an interesting jam.

Although, I think watermelon jam is interesting enough in itself. At least for the first few times you make it. :)

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Gooseberries would be special, if you have any available. I would want to just stir in some puree. Goose berries seem to add extra bang to the tang.

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I made watermelon ginger jam. The house smelled so good while it was boiling. I’ve had a bit of nausea with a new med that I’m taking, so I thought ginger would be a good choice for me.

I only had enough watermelon for one batch. I’m waiting for another melon to become ripe and I think I’ll try habanero from our garden with that batch of jam.

I have more melons coming. I can’t wait to try some more of your suggestions. Thanks again.

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God why are you torturing me this way.

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I know how to torture the men in my life.. I guess it’s fun.

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Only two jars? What kind of watermelon breeder at you?!

You got it, @jonsblond

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I agree wholeheartedly with @Buttonstc with regard to the ants. Ants give a very distinct flavor and also add an nice subtle contrasting texture.

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Yeah, I only noticed it too late to edit and it just didn’t seem worth it to bother the mods over.

(And it’s obviously amts. of tomatoes :)

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