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When I redeem an airline credit voucher, what will the receipt look like?

Asked by marmoset (1252points) September 18th, 2014

I have a credit voucher for Delta and I’ll be using it to buy a ticket that costs more than the voucher. (Let’s say my voucher is for $500 and the ticket will cost $550 incl all taxes.) I will pay the remaining $50 with Visa.

When I do this,
– will I get a receipt that says $50?
– will I get a receipt that says $550 but specifies something like ”$500 paid by voucher and $50 paid by Visa”?
– or will I just get a receipt that says $550?

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I used a credit voucher from Delta a year or so ago. After checking through the saved electronic records, either that receipt wasn’t saved, or the possible one that it was applied to does not show the deduction. These were all booked through the Delta site online. The answer may depend upon your booking method.

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Good point that it may depend on method. I will book on

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