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I need something made out of stone or concrete, what kind of service or company should I be looking for?

Asked by DrewJ (436points) September 18th, 2014

I have a design for an item I would like to have made out of stone or concrete. I’d probably want around 100. I have a drawing of the item – it is detailed. I Googled stone and concrete molders but emailed a bunch and they don’t seem to do this kind of work. Is there a special name for companies that will manufacture items for me made out of stone or concrete? The item is a fairley simple shape, pretty much just a rectangular box that sits on a plate.

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What you’re describing is “masonry casting”, but for a small, non-commercial one-off run like you’re describing, it’s going to be expensive IF they even care about an order that small.

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You have included no indication of dimensions. Are you thinking of a swimming pool size, coffin size, or jewelry box size box? You say you checked online, and that didn’t pan out, but you don’t say who you contacted.
Given that I am in the dark on important points, I will give a stab.. Did you check stone masons, and stone cutters? You can make your own wood form, and have the concrete poured for you. If it is very small, you could have the form, take it to a quarry, and they are likely to just run out some from a batch for you.
Knowing those details would help.

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Sorry for the lack of detail. Jewlery Box size and and I conctacted concrete molding companies. I’m going to check on stone masonaries. Thanks for the info!

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I think your job might be too small for a stone masonry.

Etsy has a section called Alchemy
where you can post custom orders and various people will bid on orders. Or you can just find sellers that do similar work and message them for a custom order. Considering the cost of shipping, I’d approach local sellers first.

Also, try posting to Craigslist (gigs/creative) or try Task Rabbit if it’s in your area.

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If the design isn’t complicated have you considered trying to make the mold yourself out wood or even have a machine shop fabricate the mold. Concrete is pretty easy, and if you had a mold you could just bang them out as you needed them

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