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What are some good stock trading discussion forums/sites?

Asked by celticsfan2008 (42points) July 9th, 2008

Hi all, I wanted to do some more research on a stock I am interested in and see what everyone thinks of it, could you post some good discussion sites, forums, groups, or whatever else you could think of? I’ve found a few through Google but I wanted to see what fluther members use

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Have you used The Motley Fool? I read that. I have not been on their discussion boards, but they have them.

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My dad is obsessed with InvestorsHub, he’s gotten some good news/advice from the users on there

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I used to use Raging Bull. It is now a part of lycos and not sure how it is now

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A lot of good ones out there.onlinetradersforum, elitetrader,tradingtalk. You can find some regional forums as well. For forex trading Babypips is one of the best.You can check out hubpages, aussiestockforums,hyipinvestment, Goldage, Trade2win. Helium is not dedicated to stocks tho a comprehensive one.

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