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If you go on a quest or walkabout to find yourself, and upon finding yourself don’t like the ”you” that you found, was the time a waste?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) September 18th, 2014

What more can be said? I have heard over the years where people have said they had to find ”them” to get their life right. If they went looking for themselves and discovered that the ”them” they found was worse than the ”them” they were, was it a waste to go looking to go looking for themselves?

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No, because if you can find out who you are and don’t like it then at least you have the opportunity to change.

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Again in agreement with you. Discovering a problem or mistake is the one way to change or improve. That goes for lives, machinery, landscaping, or putting together a nice dinner. Cooks aren’t tasting the food because we are hungry, we are making certain there are no mistakes. If there are any, they can hopefully be corrected before serving time.

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If you can find nothing to improve, there’s no point in reflecting!

If the person you find is worse than the person you were, it suggests to me that you didn’t know yourself as you thought you did. That’s the purpose of reflection, isn’t it?

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Do you mean “quest” and not “guest?”

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Good point @jca going on a guest can get you in big trouble.

Unless they are into that sort of thing.

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There is no “you” to find, only your essence, the same essence everyone is made of, pure consciousness, nothing more, nothing less. The “you” you identify with ois not you, it is ego, just a bunch of mind stories.

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