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Can I watch Ray Donovan beginning with Season 2?

Asked by HouseMouse (60points) September 21st, 2014

Am I going to miss out on the storyline if I start watching in the middle of the seasons or can the episodes work on their own?

Thank you!

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I think you would be fine starting with season two. It might not be a bad idea to hit up Wikipedia and read the episode summaries for the first season.

Warning that link has season two spoilers if you scroll down to far.

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If you keep your eyes open for a few weeks prior to a new season beginning, Showtime frequently reruns the previous seasons in blocks over a few day period, presumably to allow people to catch up.

And I don’t know which cable/satellite service you have, but if it’s one which offers On Demand as part of their services, you can usually find all the previous episodes there.

I began watching it from the beginning when it debuted but bailed about midway through the first season.

But from what I recall, it was fairly densely plotted and populated with characters and their relatiinships which it would be difficult to just pick up too far in without knowing their background storylines.

But that’s just my overall impression. Others might have a different experience.

Hopefully your service gives you a way to catch up. Showtime is generally pretty good about that.

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Absolutely not! There is sooo much you need to know in season 1.
You won’t regret watching it.
I ♥︎ that show.

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@Buttonstc I don’t have SHO so I will have to rent the DVDs. Thanks for the thorough tip!
@cheebdragon Got it! Thank you!

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Well, as long as you’re renting, definitely start with the first season and watch consecutively.

I recall myself watching it and wondering who was who and why they were doing what they were (and that’s me watching from episode one.)

It’s just one of those shows where you really need to pay close attention and not be multitasking (as I frequently do.)

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