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Why do many of us love videos and stories about animal inter-species friendship?

Asked by janbb (57140points) September 21st, 2014

I just shared a video of an elephant and a dog who seemed to love playing in the water together. Aside from silly cat videos, it seems like videos of inter-species friendships are most popular. Just wondering why so many of us find them so endearing. Not everyone of course – but many. Any conjectures?

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I think the surprise of two species interacting amps up the cute factor. They make me happy.
This is one I really like.
How about posting the elephant and dog? I could use an extra “Awwwwwww” :-)

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@canidmajor Your wish is my command. I just love this one.

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Because many find it indicative of a higher instinct for connection. It’s a real life depiction of Isaiah 11:6, The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;

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Because it gives us hope that humans can learn to do the same?

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I think it’s because for many people, they’re just “dumb animals”. So when we see, particularly, a predator happily playing with another animal that would typically be prey, it’s awe inspiring and, just like @zenvelo said, indicates a kind of intelligence that is not typically attributed to other species.

I’m such a sap that it’s enough to make me cry half the time, but I’m a huge animal lover, so don’t laugh too hard. Life is just so beautiful! Lol! :)

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Because, everything animals is amazing, especially when unrelated and often opposing species bond.
Here at the ranch we have Lautrec the goose that is attached to the dog and donkeys, my goose Sonora that is attached to his Duck pal Fonzie, and used to be madly in love with my old neighbors sheep. Then there is Marwyn, my old goose that loves me and his surrogate mother goose, he wants nothing to do with the flock, he only wants his humans. Animals are great!

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Thanks, @janbb, I hadn’t seen that one.

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I don’t know, but this one breaks my heart.

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Whenever I want to be cheered up, I go to YouTube and put in “Christian the Lion”.
It’s an oldie but goodie. Some of you may have already seen it from years ago and it never fails to cheer me up.

The first vid pretty much gives the gist of the story. And if interested further, about midway down the page, there’s a 45 minute vid which tells the whole background.

I can’t watch the one with the Whitney Houston soundtrack or I’ll cry for sure.

It’s a true story and it’s just beautiful.

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@livelaughlove21 That was unbelievable! And yes, very sad.

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I think @Buttonstc an @zenvelo have a valid point. Despite our lingering forms of tribalism, we are drawn to the notion of all people getting along. Animals of different species getting along is symbolic of that and also of the idea of universal peace.

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@livelaughlove21 Animals are so smart!

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I think because we don’t expect animals to be friends with other types of animals and it just depicts the ability to love and appreciate all living things. The same way a small child playing with their puppy is cute; an innocent type of joy. When one animal helps another animal outside of its species it shows the compassion animals have and it touches our hearts. We understand they feel love, heartache, worry, and happiness.

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