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When you click on "I can't access my account" do you end up on secret question form?

Asked by flo (11037points) September 21st, 2014

The toll free number says go here, and send us an email.
But if your alternate email is also not accesible, or if it is your first email, how do they expect you contact them by email?
How do you end up on that page? There is only what is your username, and what is your alternate address, no?

Even going this way:
doesn’t lead to secret question or anything else.

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There is usually an option for a text message to the phone number on file. They will send you an access code. Then follow the step sot re-set your password.

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Here’s a page with numerous ways to find a solution to your problems, including what looks like the possibility of getting someone with a real live beating heart to help you!

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Stop using Yahoo and go to a real web site.

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@elbanditoroso Which one would you suggest? I use a free Yahoo account and I’m not thrilled with them.

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By the way this is for a neighbour.

@zenvelo where will Yahoo (or Hotmail) send the verification code to if they don’t have alternate email?

@snowberry Thanks for the link but which one one of those options will get step 5 below?
I see here:
2.Select I have a problem with my password.
3.Enter your Yahoo ID and click Next.
4.If prompted, enter the code from the CAPTCHA text verification.
5.Select the Use my secret questions recovery option and click Next.
6.Enter the answer to the first secret question presented and click Next.
7.Enter the answer to the second secret question presented and click Next.
8.Enter your new password, and click Next.

Step 5 instead of “Use my secret questions recovery option it is always your alternate address that it asks. But it is the person’s first email account so they
don’t have altternate email.

@elbanditoroso But in the meantime? If they go to a real wesite as you suggest, they would be asked for an alternate email account, so they still need to get in.

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Correction (which doesn’t change anything):

it doesn’t ask for alternate email, but says “Please reset your password….....” (i.e go to your alternate address that you gave us, which is….@...

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@flo I can’t answer your question about step 5, but I bet if you contacted customer support (with a real person) you’d get your answer. I’ve done it, and got my problem resolved.

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@snowberry How long did it take you? Do you have a premium account where you get prioirty, or r is it the free email account, and you just happen to be one of the lucky ones?

Here is the review from others who already have tried.

They can cut down on the # of people calling them by just putting that pop up asking you for your security Q&A.

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@flo I have a free account. I don’t remember how long it took, but as I recall once I got an e-mail when I was having trouble with my account and couldn’t resolve it. I might have asked them to send the reply to an alternate account because I was having problems logging in or something. It’s been a while, and my memory might be completely whacked on this one.

Why don’t you try it and see?

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@snowberry I have. Long long wait. The recording says in the beginning something like:
we might not be able to answer you, so go online and email us

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I guess that’s when you start an alternate account. But I seem to recall a real time chat box where I could actually talk to someone. Can’t remember where or for what though.

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