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Is it ok to be interviewed for two different positions at the same company?

Asked by chelle21689 (7405points) September 22nd, 2014 from iPhone

I have two questions.

I had a phone interview with this company last week and then I have a phone interview today. Same company but I believe it is different departments. Should I bring this up if it shall hinder my decision if I were to be offered a position or should I not say anything until they ask?

Also, my boyfriend’s sister works at this company and has been for about five years. I used her as a referral with her permission. For about the past two years she always complained about the HR department saying how unorganized it is, how ready she is to leave, etc.

The two positions I applied for are both a part of HR and it makes me uneasy and worried I will hate the work conditions. She said the whole HR department of the company is like falling apart and is unorganized and they did massive firings to start fresh and that is why there are a lot of positions open. Should this be a red flag to be with this company??

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I don’t see why someone couldn’t apply for two positions, as long as they are qualified for both. It isn’t like cheating. It’s more like having a good back up plan.
I think it sounds like the company knows the flaw are there, and are taking a positive approach to fixing them.

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Absolutely. Two birds in hand is worth none. ;-)

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Thank you. Do I work my way into the conversation of mentioning the other position if I were to get an in-person interview for both or not say anything until they ask if I’m interviewing at other places? I know sometimes they do ask the latter.

Yeah, I hope their new strategy is for the best. She thinks they fired a few good people and are just going down hill, but I guess it is her perspective. Perhaps I might have a different one..

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Yes sure, why not. It should ideally be the case, I guess. ;)

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Do you let the company know this if they ask about other positions you’re interviewing for?

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@chelle21689 I’d let them know right off the bat so there’s no confusion. And if they’re wiping the slate clean in the HR department this could be an excellent opportunity to really shine and stand out. It could be really good for your career. I’d be sure to mention ideas/skills you have that might help with getting the department working well as quickly as possible.

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The phone interview didn’t seem to go that well. The first thing she asked was if I was interviewing for another position within the company and I told her the truth and asked if it would be a problem. She claims it wouldn’t and said she just needs to be in contact with them to make sure they’re not stepping on toes.

she didn’t seem that interested in me and only asked me two questions and kept it very short. The phone interview was only 7–8 minutes!!

Do you think it’s because I am interviewing for another position? I just know I’m not going to be considered now but the last position from last week was great.

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You worry too much. 7–8 minutes for a telephone interview is beyond short shrift and perfectly reasonable. Build up your self confidence, and don’t worry about whether or not there is some detriment to applying for 2 different positions in the same firm. Approach this process with the thought that you are interviewing them to determine whether they are worthy of YOU.

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