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Hey! Can you guys please suggest me some easy to work with software which can effectively be used to keep daily progress of certain tasks....?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) September 23rd, 2014

Lets say I need to keep track of the things that I do daily, maybe reading some books, some website surfing, some new language, some technology tit-bits, so basically I am needing a software which can help me make long lists of the things/tasks that I carry out each day and write a small gist of each and every topic/theme studied in order to keep myself motivated and keep away from any procrastination. Moreover, it should have a daily date/day system which allows me to write the topics as per each days.
In case you are familiar with any such software of the sort I just described above, please let me know. Your effort would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards.

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Try Evernote. This is an app as well as a website, and syncs across all your devices. You can set deadlines with this app. Evernote . Evernote is not perfect but is the best I’ve seen so far, IMO.
If you want something that is more like a calendar, try the Sunrise app.

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Wunderlist is a simple, beautiful, and solid To-do app that’ll work on nearly every internet device under the sun, There is a pro version, but the free version will more than likely fill all your needs. is also a great manager as well. It’s for iOS/Android and has a website too. It’s interface is a little minimalistic, but it’s got some power to it. It’s also by default a little more aggressive on the actual ‘Getting things done’ front by alerting you in the morning to “Plan your day”, and you’ll assign tasks and times and it will remind you, especially if you choose to postpone tasks.

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Great suggestions so far. I find that, like most things, that it’s best to sample a wide range of available software to see what may work best for you. I’ll add a couple more options:

- Todoist – I currently use this as my main non-work todo list. Like Wunderlist, there are free and premium versions. It supports subtasks, notes, and attachments, etc. I particularly enjoy the mobile interface (Android app).

- Google Keep – Is really one of the simplest ones, and may only appeal to someone who is not looking for a ton of features. It is handy, however, to create lists that have reminders based on datetime or location. I can create a list of things I need at Whole Foods. The next time I arrive at Whole Foods, I am notified.

- plain text/Google Doc/Word/etc – This a great option for many people. You can really shape your own system. From individual text files with datetime stamps, to running logs, to bat files, to something like Todo.txt, which becomes an interface for managing text files. You can also save the files in Dropbox so that you have them wherever you go.

- gmail – This may seem like a strange one. But there is a ton of functionality built into gmail (labels, filters, etc). You can build a personal todo list and archive right in your email.

- Trello – I use this for work-related tasks. Some people really love it. Think in categories. You can setup boards of “todo”, “doing”, “done”, for example, and really manage your tasks. You can drag the cards to reorder or move to a different board, and you can add attachments and comments to keep track of your progress.

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If most of the things you do are completed on your computer, you could use RescueTime. That will log everything you do on your computer.

Otherwise, KambanFlow is great. I really like it because you can create streams that relate to your own life.

I also use Any Do but it seems you want to log more than plan.

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There’s an app called 2day that my buddy uses. I haven’t tried it myself but when he showed it to me it looked pretty awesome.

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If you have a Mac/iPad/iPhone, Omnifocus 2 is excellent. It’s designed to work well with the Getting Things Done method, which is a fantastic process (used by a lot of very smart people and not nearly as gimmicky as it sounds).

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