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What pills do you take on a daily basis?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) September 23rd, 2014

Is it permanent medication? Do you also take any supplements?

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I take Lisinopril for high blood pressure. I also take:

a multivitamin
krill oil
Vitamin C
Vitamn E

and I mix in a tablespoon of chia seeds with a probiotic drink.

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Atenolol (a high blood pressure medicine to regulate an irregular heartbeat)
One-A-Day multivitamin
Ginko Biloma
Fish Oil
Vitamin E

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Enteric aspirin for a few weeks post-surgery for blood clot prevention.

Flax, chia and sesame seed (ground)
Clinamycin for the occasion trips to dentist.

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Blood pressure meds.

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When my Mom was 70 the doctor asked what kinds of meds she was on. She said “None.” Dr looked at me in surprise, asked if it was true. Most people that age are on a shopping list of meds, she said.
By the time she died at 74….she was on a shopping list of meds. That’s probably what killed her.

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None. Daily, weekly, monthly… zip. The insurance company makes money on me.

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@Dutchess_III what happened in four years? Did she get sick suddenly or gradually, poor soul?

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They decided she had Alzheimer. I don’t think she did but we’ll never know. That’s where it started. They gave her so many different kinds of pills, and more pills to counteract the effect of the first pills….

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@Dutchess_III yes, eventually the pills got the better of her. Sometimes they cause more harm than good.

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I believe they did in this case. And I don’t even think she had Alzheimer. She’s always had some emotional issues and she’s always been a ditz.

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I’ve just recently started taking a pill for depression and Prilosec for a gastroesophageal hernia.

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Birth control

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One enteric coated 82mg Aspirin daily.

I used to take 10mg Lisinopril every morning with 100mg Lopressor (Metoprolol), a beta blocker, twice a day to slow down my heart rate and reduce my blood pressure—to control damage caused by a heart attack due to dehydration—but a regular exercise regime that includes morning yoga and meditation, enabled me to reduce the dosage, and eventually— while being monitored closely by a doctor—I was able to get off the heart meds altogether.

My BP and heart rate are well within normal limits now without medication. I run a steady Normal Sinus Rhythm. I’ll throw a premature ventricular contraction once in a blue moon when I’m over heated, or fatigued, or have too much salt, but it’s nothing to have a heart attack over. I simply avoid the conditions which cause the PVCs, try to keep rested, eat well, drink alcohol hardly at all, never smoke anything, hydrate religiously and, above all, I don’t worry about shit that is out of my control. Tah – dah!

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Sorry, but HIPAA rules prevent my divulging my Rx’s ;-)

But suffice to say, I’m helping keep Walgreen’s in the black.

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make of me what you will :p

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Armor thyroid
D2 (once a week)
D3 (about 3 times a week)

Everything listed above is because I actually am deficient in those things, or very low in the case of B12, without supplements.

Multivitamin (when I remember, maybe 3 times a week)
I was taking k2 with my D, but I ran out.
Sometimes I take Biotin for a few weeks, but I am lazy about it.
I take aspirin when I travel and when I eat very badly.
I want to try Magnesium, but haven’t yet.

@Dutchess_III I think you are probably right.

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@JLeslie Yeah, my sister, who is a high level manager at Spirit “Took charge.” Left me unable to voice an opinion or a thought. Whatever the Doctors said she treated like gold. It didn’t occur to her to question them. I kept saying “But we KNOW Mom, better than any doctor! We have to be more involved in the decision, even if it means vetoing them!” In her world, though, anyone who made as much money as doctors do must be unable to make a mistake.
To her money=intelligence. End of story.

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Oh, gee. More than the older people on this thread. I have all kinds of problems. (I bet I win for prescriptions.)

Singular (asthma and allergies)
Pro Air Inhaler (as needed)
Symbicort (2 puffs 2 times a day for asthma)
Effexor (I’m crazy)
Wellbutrin (Crazy)
Amitriptaline (Crazy)
Clonazepam (Crazy/Sleep)
B12 shot every 2 weeks (pernicious anemia)

No supplements. Too many studies that show they really don’t work.

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anti anxiety medication plus anti psychotic needle once a month. Ensure fiber as needed. Perscribed Metamucil.

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I had an outpatient surgical procedure under general anesthesia 10 days ago. Several nurses repeatedly asked me to list my meds. When I said, “None except the antibiotic for dental work,” they had trouble believing me. My sister was on hand, happily, to reinforce my position. Exercise, meditation, eating lower on the food chain.

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@gailcalled Exercise, meditation, eating lower on the food chain. That was my cousin until he died at the age of 49 from brain cancer.

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My BIL age 46 colon cancer. He lived and has been cancer free the last two years. The doctors did say he handled the treatment and recovery better than most. He has always been trim, would not microwave food, cooks from scratch 90% of the time, never ate tons of meat, and now has gone almost completely vegan.

Still, I think eating close vegan is best for most people and can prolong life and health for most people.

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@jonsblond: Of course, some of it is the luck of the draw.

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I eat a lot of meat in cold climates. It keeps me warm. In the tropics, I eat much lighter, lotsa fruits, vegetables, no beef except beef broth, light soups, fish and shellfish is my main source of protein, but i’m not a heavy eater down here. Nearly vegan, actually. Very little dairy and baked goods. Starches are plentiful as rice, casava, taro, potatoes. If I ate meat here like I did in Sweden, I’d be drowning in my own sweat.i would be very uncomfortable in this heat. I eat much lighter meals down here, smaller, more frequent meals, a lot of fruit juices and water throughout the day, a lot of soups. You must to adapt.

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@Janbb You must adapt? All penguins know that, right?

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@Espiritus_Corvus Still has an extra word in it. But yes, we must adapt or perish, indeed! Sometimes on an ice flow, sometimes in an armchair.

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A probiotic every couple of days. I do take some non-pill supplements like cod liver oil.

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Birth control and a fish oil.

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Zyrtec generic. I’m allergic to cats and dogs and live with three of them.

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Naproxin and OsteoBiflex. A couple of times a week. Most times, but some weeks every day.
Also, Colchicine several times a day the last few days.

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Flintstones vitamins

Edit: gummy vitamins when I’m feeling fancy

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I take Flinstones too. Gummy anything is disgusting in my opinion. :)

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Not nearly as much as I used to, hallelujah.

I take:
Sprintec birth control. Like every other woman my age.
An appetite stimulant called cyproheptadine. This is probably permanent. My appetite disappeared after one of my surgeries and this was the only thing that brought it back. I tried to go off of it after a year because I didn’t think I would it anymore, and my appetite slowly disappeared.
An antibiotic, cipro. This is also permanent. My surgically-constructed organ that I have instead of a colon misbehaves really badly unless I take antibiotics. If these ever stop working for me I’ll probably have to get an ileostomy (bag) instead.

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I am taking a permanent medication, testosterone, but it’s not daily pills. I have a shot once every 12 weeks. No supplements; my diet is healthy enough.

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