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What's the most bizarre thing you've seen lately?

Asked by syz (35649points) September 23rd, 2014

This is it for me. Honestly, it’s not like Malkovich needs any help being weird.

(Thanks, Auggie)

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The inability of people to enjoy cigarettes where they please.

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White people on a roll with their appropriating of black hairstyles and taking credit for the ‘discovery.’

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Drug addicts complaining about not being allowed to spread their cancerous fumes wherever they please.

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That is very weird! Whenever I see him I always think of his role in Conair; which was a bad boy. I’ll never look at hime the same now.

Something bizarre I’ve ran across recently was driving past a man running on a sidewalk with his arms above his head waving frantically with no one around. Weirdo. Who knows, could have been bees.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Huh? What “black hairstyles” are you referring to? I must’ve missed this trend.

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That guy serpentining across the White House lawn and making it up to the porch was pretty bizarre.

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Almost everything is bizarre lately but I guess the fact that people are being beheaded in the 21st century is one of the most.

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She’s probably referring to when the white girls put their hair into a million braids. Never heard anyone take the credit for “discovering” it, though. I think it’s cute. And a lot of work!

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Well, for me, the most bizarre thing is seeing a sign in MY front yard endorsing a republican candidate for the House!

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I was “asleep” on Propofol and Versed, opened my eyes and the entire room and everything/everybody in it was green. Like it had been splashed with a can of green paint.

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Thanks @Pied_Pfeffer! That’s crazy.

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Would you like some marijuana on that pizza?

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A circus that only had one pony and two goats.

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One time they had a parade and they advertised that they were going to herd cows in this parade. They only had one cow though. One cow does not a herd make.

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they had 50 cows originally. they all ran away, because they ran out of money before hiring a cow herder

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OK, I confess this wasn’t recent but it was totally bizarre… a man dressed in a sparkly spandex jumpsuit (I think it was pink and gold but I’m hazy on the colour) rollerskating down Manchester’s main shopping street, holding a live white rabbit in his arms. I assumed he was being filmed for something but I couldn’t see a camera. A couple of weeks later I saw him again, sans rollerskates , dressed relatively normally and still carrying the rabbit.

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We have a tree frog shaped thermometer on one of the posts to our house. My cat, after umpteen years, just noticed it. She jumped for it, coming about 8” shy of reaching it. She is now staring straight up at it. Neither one has moved in the past 12+ minutes.

I wonder how long she will be there?

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I was offered a free crossbow from a tenant moving in. I saw it and refused to touch it.

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Why? Take out for target practice! Those things are expensive.

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@Dutchess_III I am not a big fan of weapons. maybe if it was a practice sword.

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Follow up, the cat stayed another minute and a half (for a total of almost 14 minutes) then walked off to her food bowl. I have never seen her stay still for this long unless asleep.

When she walked back past it she looked up and watched it until she got by.

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An aquiantence of mine who works at the DMV recently complained to facebook about other drivers driving too slow and how they cause her so much road rage.

She has also posted a picture of the police car that pulled her over for speeding, and she often posts pictures she takes while driving.

This woman decides if a person is worthy of a driver’s license.

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@livelaughlove21 Oh you know, cornrows (just recently an article made it appear like bo derek began that trend and now kristen stewart is another example as is that white girl with corn rows in OITNB) and little squiggly waves of the bangs made flat, wearing do-rags..a lot of this is paraded as ‘urban’ trends on the fashion runways…same with make it look like fake dreadlocks, etc.

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The DMV is a joke. My mom was so far gone, at 73, with some form of dementia + a million drugs, she barely knew her own name. My sister took her to get her license renewed, and they did it. It is dated the same date as the will my sister custom-wrote, giving everything to herself. Guess she thought that the fact that she could show that the DMV thought mom was in her right mind would hold some water in court.

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A huge rusty axe leaning against the wall waiting to be used.

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@SecondHandStoke “The inability of people to enjoy cigarettes where they please.” I’m a smoker and I don’t find it bizarre at all.

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A badger sitting beside a fox in my front garden area.
A cat that scaled a tree faster than lightening and three stories high.
The same cat, finding my back door, when it met me in the street.
My neighbors (see prior questions)
The moon, northern hemisphere side.
A man playing a violin while standing on a tightrope (In Glasgow)
My strange bathroom floor that moves about like Rubiks Cube
Two Scotsmen in Kilts with ginormous legs like tree trunks playing the bagpipes. (Stilts? but of a very strange strange kind)

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