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Now that states have started legalizing recreational marijuana, do you think there will be a new resurgence of UFO sightings?

Asked by ibstubro (18717points) September 23rd, 2014

The majority of UFO sightings were in the 1970’s, corresponding to a high rate of drug use.

Can you see that occurring again?

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Uh no, but I do see a critical shortage of Potato chips in the near future .

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Bit stereotypical of you to make such an assumption, no?.

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No. You are pitting the legalized usage of one substance. In referring to the drug use of the seventies, you are including a cornucopia substances, including chemists’, and chemistry majors’ experimental hallucinogens. It is hardly a parallel for comparison.

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Haha I hope so!

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Maybe. But who cares, man? Pass them cookies over here!

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Dude, no way! That would require getting up off the couch and going outside and unless there is a refrigerator out there, that ain’t gonna happen.

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Ba dum tish.

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I’d rather potheads talk about UFO sightings than about the legalization of marijuana. I’m just glad they have nothing to complain about anymore. It was getting really old.

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Lighter…er…lighten up, dudes.

I came of age in the 70’s, I ‘rec-reated’, and I’ve still never seen a UFO. Last night, on the way home in the dark, I saw something that would have once made a great UFO sighting, but was actually a funky light on a cell tower out in the middle of a pasture.

If they legalize pot in my area, I’ll do it again, but mostly because it always made me sleepy.

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@ibstubro it is also less destructive to the body than alcohol. my opinion

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@rojo There is old research on that as far back as the legendary ‘70’s…
or at least I think that’s what I think I remember!...

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Yeah, I think I remember you thinking that you remembered that before, @Yetanotheruser.

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The more the better !

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Pot, or UFOs, @Aster?

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Highly intelligent and drug-free military officers, law enforcement officials and others also have claimed to see UFOs too, irrespective of the culture during the time period mentioned here. Maybe false UFO sightings are possible with super powerful strains such as A-Dub or Blueberry Kush, but they could be just as frequent with general alcohol use, and this would still not refute the possibility of actual UFO sightings regardless.

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@Paradox25 The problem with UFO sightings in general is the fact that people assume that UFO means alien. It’s merely unidentified, which could obviously be any number of things.

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A society that is open enough to allow recreational drug use is going to be more open to the idea of UFOs.

The producers of “Reefer Madness” would likely dismiss UFOs out-of-hand, while Cheech and Chong aren’t gonna blink.

On the other hand, I think @El_Cadejo has a valid point in that there are no documented AFOs. Alien Flying Objects.

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@El_Cadejo I know, but that’s just it. UFOs could be anything, like a top secret advanced aircraft, something currently in existence or something that might truly be alien. Some of the descriptions many of these people had given made it clear though, if they were telling the truth without being deluded, that some of those objects they sighted were much too big or had some other peculiarity which seemed to eliminate the other possibilities.

Anecdotal testimony can be very shaky, and should not count as evidence by itself in most situations. However, I still think anecdotal testimony can be a form of evidence in certain circumstances, like where there are patterns combined with enough testimony or when there is no reasonable way for a subject to acquire knowledge of certain events they’ve witnessed, etc.

Anecdotal testimony can be shaky ground indeed, which was why triple blind procedures were being discussed as a way to use lineup identification more effectively with much less chance of error on the behalf of the witnesses regarding crime investigations. I still value anecdotal evidence in some situations though regardless.

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