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What is the difference between Industrial Engineering vs. Design?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) September 24th, 2014

Haven’t been on in quite a while!
My question is this: What does an industrial designer do that is different from an industrial engineer? I’ve been doing research on these two careers, and the basic thing I’ve gathered is that an industrial engineer could be an industrial designer, but the converse is not true.
So what are the different aptitudes one must have for both these careers?

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Industrial design is concerned with how a product looks. It’s applied art. Industrial engineering is concerned with making what ever the designer has on paper and making it work and making the production line that will produce it work and as efficient as possible.

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We industrial designers aren’t just concerned with how the product looks. We also balance ergonomic function into our designs. That is if we are good at our jobs.

Evidence of industrial design is all around you. You use some form of it every single day.

Excellent industrial design is rare and to be cherished.

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I “believe” it’s the difference between being a drafter (design) and an engineer (functionality.) At least in my workplace this is true.

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I don’t know what a career advisor would say an industrial engineer does, but I have worked with quite a few of them in retail. They are recruited a lot for analytical supply chain or inventory roles because they are good with math and computers. In my experience they are more on the “business” side of things.

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