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Asked by L1952 (206points) September 25th, 2014 from iPhone

I am going through divorce and I just noticed last week that this was updated on the county website in our divorce, Did my husband do this? And what does it mean? Thank you! (In florida by the way)

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Your husband can’t put anything on the county web site – c’mon you must know this. It sounds like it means that your case has been assigned to a judge. You’ve said you have a lawyer; you need to talk to him or her more so you are not so gun shy.

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I’m not a lawyer; the General Magistrate handles divorces in Florida and otherstates if the parties don’t have lawyers. The General Magistrate cannot make final judgement without the approval of a Judge.

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Obviously my husband can’t update the website lol I meant did he do this, as in go to the court house to request something lol, thanks.

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So does a magistrate try and tell people how to handle their divorce? Or is it just to simplify things for the judge? Will he try to convince my husband to take custody of our unborn baby? I don’t have a lawyer for the divorce nor does my husband, it wasn’t necessary.

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You need to decide about your baby. Have you done the mediation that is required? If not, the magistrate will order that , if you can’t come to an agreement there, you will appear again before the court. They will make sure that you both understand the terms of your divorce, a support amount will be ordered. They don’t try to force anybody to do anything. If your husband doesn’t want contact with his child, he will just be ordered to pay support.

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He doesn’t want contact, he put that in the petition when he filed, he’s also said it several times in text message (though since we don’t have lawyers I don’t think having proof matters) But I’m just scared now he will simply say he wants custody so he can get out of paying or paying as much support since the magistrate is kind of like a lawyer.. ): and he’s been horrible and said horrible things about our unborn baby I would rather him not have contact honestly.

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You will have all the evidence you need to not let that happen. Simply save all the texts. If he does this, the magistrate will let you have your say, and you both will be ordered to mediation anyway. Save and note down all conversations you have with him. Stop worrying. Don’t they have legal aid where you are? Call them!

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You have a computer, educate yourself by researching all you can about divorce in Florida and your situation. Lots of lawyers give free consults via email. Good luck, you will prevail.

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Thank you, I appreciate it (:

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